An Interview with Glenn, Charlie, and Rob from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Whilst at Comic-Con 2008 I had a chance to sit down with the boys from the hit FX show It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Though the conversation was only twelve minutes I like to think we connected. Please note the the interview contains adult themes, language, and video. Viewer discretion is advised.

Charlie Day (looking at my voice recorder): What are you?Glenn Howerton: Did you buy that here?Charlie: Is that from the future?Glenn: I think it's on pause.Rob McElhenney: No, no, he knows how to work his own machine.Glenn: It's NOT on pause.Charlie: You would think that it was [because the screen was blank].Laremy Legel: It has a pause feature. But it's not on pause. Now then, I maintain that you invented the Rickroll and I'd like you to confirm that here today.Glenn: Yes! You know what man, thank you. Thank you. Because we were the first ones to bring Rick Astley back. It's about time. I was singing that very song.Charlie: We were making Rick Astley jokes before Rick Astley was BORN.Glenn: Before Rick Astley even knew what it was. To sing. And be Rick Astley.Note: this episode originally aired August 23rd, 2005 - long before the RickRoll phenomenon.

Laremy: As both producers and actors, do you find yourself on both sides of the current contract negotiations? Do you feel the need to exploit yourself?Charlie: I'm mostly for myself.Rob: I'm 100% for myself and against them (Charlie and Glenn).Glenn: We tend to negotiate contracts that are beneficial to us as individuals. Like I'll negotiate something that's good for me but bad for them (Charlie and Rob). Behind their backs. Never to their faces.Laremy: What did season four entail in terms of getting Devito back? Because I saw in season three you went to certain lengths ...Rob: Oh, he blew us this time.Laremy: Nice. Big win for you there.

Charlie: In fact I haven't been able to get him out of my place. He's there every day. He's like "Charlie, you want to play cards? Charlie, you wanna eat some ice cream? Charlie, what are you doing?" So I don't know what we're going to do about that guy.Danny DevitoGlenn: It's tough because he's around and he can't get enough of it.Charlie: By the way, Danny Devito isn't actually in the show. That's Rob, and it's CGI. Laremy: Wow. Impressive work.Rob: Thanks. I can be in two places at once.Laremy: You have a 9.6 rating on IMDB right now.Glenn: Is that the highest?Rob: It fucking better be.Laremy: I don't know. But it's pretty high. Are you guys voting for yourselves?Glenn: You can only vote once though, right? I saw a post on that. I've never voted for the show but I'll tell you what, I'm going to now. I want ten.Charlie: 9.6 is not good enough!Rob: Are there any tens on that thing?Laremy: 9.6 is the highest I've ever seen. On the movies side it goes up to like 9.1 and it's like Shawshank or something.Glenn: Really? I saw something on IMDB when I was flipping through the comments on our page and how our show was the highest one but I didn't quite know what it meant.Charlie: It must mean that the people who hate our show don't care about it enough to vote it down. Good.Laremy: You've got very lazy enemies. Speaking of, last night in a panel Kevin Smith said the only topic he wouldn't cover comedically was rape. Now, you guys went "Night Man" in season three. You want to say F you to Kevin Smith? I'm trying to start a war.Kevin SmithGlenn: A war between us and Kevin Smith? Is he still alive?Laremy: Good. Nice work. We've got a war.Rob: That'll start it. That will get it going, especially at Comic-Con. Charlie: Seriously, who is Kevin Smith?Glenn: He wrote Clerks fifteen years ago. Fifteen or twenty years ago.Charlie: Wait, why would we bash Kevin Smith because he doesn't do rape jokes?Rob: Yeah, he didn't bash us. He bashed rape.Glenn: I just want to go at him anyway.Rob: He's a perfectly nice ...Glenn: No, I like Kevin Smith.Charlie: I wouldn't even want Kevin Smith making rape jokes.Glenn: No.Charlie: I don't think he could pull it off.Rob: HAS he raped? Has he been raped?Glenn: That's why he couldn't pull it off. Cause he does it.Laremy: Too close to home, then.Glenn: We are doing an entire episode this year on on the Night Man and the Day Man. Pretty much the whole episode ...Charlie: It's all about rape.Glenn: It's not just a rape joke. It's a rape episode.Charlie: You know what? Send Kevin Smith our apologies. We rape too much.Laremy: But you're good at it. Nothing to be ashamed of there.Glenn: Are we even on Kevin Smith's radar?Laremy: Oh yeah. He knows who you are.Glenn: To set the record straight, we've got no problem with Kevin Smith.Laremy: Good. Good work. Way to pull out of that.Rob: (To Glenn) You're good ...Glenn: I'm good at pulling out!Rob: Oh dude, I was gonna ... Glenn: Great minds think alike. [Glenn and Rob high five.]Charlie: One word from Kevin Smith and the throngs of people here would turn on us and rip us alive.Laremy: Yeah, this is his kingdom.Glenn: Why though?Laremy: He's really good on those panels. He's really good with his fans.Superman ReturnsCharlie: He's good with comic book stuff too though, right?Laremy: Yeah, and he's got that famous story where he helped write part of the Superman man reboot when it was first in development.Glenn: Oh, that's right, he was going to do Superman.Laremy: Yep.Glenn: I wish he had to be totally honest.Laremy: So let's talk about Dennis Reynolds' [played by Glenn Howerton] notion of the female form. What does he look for in a nice young woman?Glenn: Basically my character and myself look for all the things any man looks for. An extremely small waist. A very round and beautiful buttocks. And enormous breasts.Laremy: Sounds reasonable.Glenn: It's not unusual. That's going to be coming back this year. You're referring to the sweatshop episode where I have some drawings. I think it's a healthy and realistic thing. Well, maybe not realistic. But healthy.Laremy: I've heard the ladies mention that it's hard to have bigger elements without gaining weight overall. Glenn: That's their problem.Charlie: Get anorexic and then buy bigger boobs.It's Always Sunny in PhiladelphiaGlenn: Yeah, do what you gotta do. I'm not saying it's natural.Laremy: Let's hit some other offensive topics. Do you guys go after the mortgage crisis this year?Rob: We have a script, ready to be produced, but we had to push it to next year.Laremy: Too soon?Rob: Oh God no. It was a scheduling issue.Charlie: It was a heartbreaker.Rob: We do solve the gas crisis though.Charlie: So unless they solve the mortgage crisis this year...Laremy: I think The Senate just passed some legislation, like a half an hour ago.Glenn: Oh, where they bail everybody out? That's a good idea. Whenever people make big financial mistakes, speculative decisions, I want my tax money going to that.Laremy: DVD extras for season three?Glenn: Awesome ones.Laremy: Anything in particular?Charlie: A lot of wrestling. Rob: We got some head gear. Mats.Laremy: Have any of you ever danced your asses off? For real?Glenn: If there was music in here right now we'd be doing it.Rob: I'm gonna be a dancing monkey tonight at the EW party.

Laremy: So why isn't Sweet Dee (played by Kaitlin Olson) here?Charlie: She broke her back. Whaaa, get out of bed!Rob: That was part of our scheduling issue actually. We had to push a few episodes due to that.Laremy: What happened?Rob: She fell. She fell from a high place.Glenn: On to the asphalt. Last year she broke her foot on production, this year she broke her back in the middle of production.Charlie: She really does have bones like glass.Glenn: She's wearing a back brace right now.Laremy: Is she going to be okay?Glenn: She'll be fine. We got a couple other actors waiting in the wings just in case. A couple of Sweet Peas and Sweet R's.Laremy: So you've got 72,000 friends on the Sunny Myspace page. How we gonna get to 100,000? Let's talk about it.Charlie: By whoever is working on that Sunny page actually adding the friends.Laremy: You need a better intern?Charlie: I notice from time to time, I'll check on it, and the last time the comments were updated was like six months ago.Glenn: It's a little bit annoying.Rob: I think the answer is once someone starts doing their job.Laremy: You guys are running a hit show, you can't be handling that detail stuff.Glenn: We're running a hit show?It's Always Sunny in PhiladelphiaCharlie: I had to get off of Myspace because it was so crazy.Laremy: We talked over Myspace once. It was a moment.Charlie: Was I nice to you?Laremy: You were really nice. You're a sweet guy.Charlie: I'm nice to most people but I got off MySpace because not everyone is nice.Laremy: Lot of anger out there.Rob: A LOT of anger.Laremy: I write reviews and people will get angry about my reviews. I think "well, that's a little absurd, this is just my opinion, I have no idea what your opinion will be."Charlie: We will have an episode on reviewers, but it has nothing to do with our opinion of reviewers.Laremy: Oh, you can go after 'em. I hate them all.Charlie: Someone goes after our bar with a negative review and we react negatively.Rob: We kidnap them.Glenn: We're trying to do the right thing.Charlie: Don't take it to heart, it's not a comment on reviewers.Glenn: It actually isn't.Laremy: I hate everyone equally, it makes no difference. Now then, you pull out a ton of obscure references, such as Drakkar Noir, and I wonder how you come up with them.Charlie: We're old dude!Laremy: But they are so specific ...Glenn: Those are the kinds of things we all remember and are all a part of. But for some reason people don't reference it.Charlie: The gem is when you remember them on the spot. And it's like "Guys, do you remember Drakkar Noir?"Glenn: And then boom, you gotta put it in an episode.Laremy: Serial killers, crack addicts ... I don't have a question, just complete the phrase.Charlie: Toothpaste.Glenn: Masturbation. Love. Mother.Charlie: Dog hair.Rob: Can we do another rape joke?And with that our time was up. Look for season three on DVD on September 9th. Season four debuts September 18th.