"Definitely, Maybe" DVD Giveaway: Get Ryan Reynolds in Your Mailbox

Hey fellow TV Addicts! It's time for a TV Addict DVD Giveaway Challenge! That's right, I'm going all Rosie O'Donnell up in here. I miss Rosie on The View, btw. Who's with me?

Here's what you do: Just share your favorite TV Addict moment in the comments section below. This can be as vague or specific as your memory allows. For instance: "That time you wrote about that one show." Of course, that one's not going to win you any prizes. Just saying.

This week, we're giving away FIVE brand-new copies of Definitely, Maybe, a cute romantic comedy starring Mr. Scarlett Johansson himself, Ryan Reynolds. If you don't have any favorite TV Addict moments, then a) why are you reading this blog? And, b) tell me what Scarlett Johansson sees in Ryan Reynolds, 'cause frankly, I just don't see it.

Some of my personal favorite TV Addict moments include: Chasing the Laguna Beach kids all over Seattle, stalking the Gilmore Girls cast at Havana Club in L.A., and talking baseball with Charlie Sheen at The Rose Bowl during a CBS party. And of course, weekly coverage of Tara Reid's boozy adventures on Taradise on E! Best. Show. Ever.

Share your favorite moments below and check back here July 8 for a new TV Addict column, in which I'll announce which lucky readers get Ryan Reynolds in their mailbox. Next week’s TV Addict DVD Giveaway Challenge!: Stargate Atlantis, Season Four. See you next week!