The Best Movie-Film Podcast Ever: Episode 7

Here's episode seven for your holiday weekend. Pamela (TV Editor), Laremy (Movies Editor), and Garrett ('s resident youngling) once again take you through the latest in movie, television, dvd and gossip news.

Give us a listen, you'll get a compact 21-minute experience, perfectly suited for your illegal fireworks displays!

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Here are the topics discussed: (note: once you hit play you'll be able to click on whichever topic you prefer)

0:02 Intro - Episode 7

:47 -- Sopranos DVD Pricing

3:27 -- Madonna's Love Triangle (sorry, Arod and his wife broke up RIGHT after we recorded. Sigh.)

5:11 -- Celebrity Spawn

7:31 -- Dark Knight vs. Hancock

9:33 -- Summer Movies

12:38 -- O.C. - The Movie!

15:38 -- Real World ... Why?

17:52 -- Box Office Predictions: Hanock will win. Easily.

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