Bachelorette Finalist Jason Mesnick's Ex Stars in Music Video

Her ex-husband is now wooing Bachelorette DeAnna Pappas on national television, but Hilary Mesnick can claim her 15 minutes as well.We've discovered the lost music video starring Hilary, ex-wife of The Bachelorette finalist (and our pick to win!) Jason Mesnick. The video, for Seattle rock band Out From Underneath, was shot in and around Seattle last summer.american idol photosRanking The BachelorsIn a bizarro case of art imitating life, one scene shows Hilary taking off her ring and hurling it at her romantic interest, and it lands on a bed of red rose petals. Will you accept this rose? NO!bachelor photosSee previous Bachelors and BachelorettesFor the record, a source from the video shoot says Hilary is "very nice." You can see pictures from the video shoot here.UPDATE: We've also seen Hilary's Facebook page -- she's not listed under Hilary Mesnick or Hilary Monrean -- and we can report that she has plenty of pictures with Ty at birthday parties, holiday celebrations and family gatherings. In our opinion, she doesn't appear to be quite the absent mom that Bachelor producers would like you to believe.bachelor photosBachelor creator throws Jason under the bus!Here's the music video starring the former Hilary Mesnick: