Lauren Conrad is Skinny! And Other Revelations from Glamour

A writer at Glamour magazine met Lauren Conrad recently and shared her impressions of The Hills star. I am obsessed enough with The Hills that I feel the need to dissect everything she said:

1) As with all celebs, seemed way shorter/thinner in person. Also, tanner. Interesting. But she can't be that short, because she's a few inches taller than Kristin Cavallari, who's 5'2. Also, I've noticed that Lauren's weight fluctuates a lot, which actually makes me like her more. It's almost like she's Just Like Us!

2) Seemingly really sweet/almost a little shy. I wasn't getting stuck-up vibes. When I needed to find the ladies' room, she walked me there, despite 10 publicists who could have done so instead. Big deal. She probably had to pee, too. And since when do you sing someone's praises for showing you where the bathroom is? That's just good manners.

3) Shockingly well-spoken, considering the inane dialogue we generally see her involved in on The Hills. Recited tons of stats from memory when describing the new m.powerment initiative (proceeds from certain Mark accessories -- Conrad is a spokeswoman -- are going to organizations that prevent violence against young women). Um, she gets paid a lot of money to recite those stats. And what does "shockingly well-spoken" mean, in the context of The Hills, anyway? Saying actual words rather than conveying emotion with a cutaway and a soundtrack? Impressive.

4) She did not appear visibly repulsed by my bloody eye, though I admit, it made me shy about talking to her. (Though it's finally looking a teeny bit better this week! Yeah!) I am actually visibly repulsed by your bloody eye. Gross! Thanks for bringing that up.