Five Reasons to Get Excited About Burn After Reading

It seems to weird to be talking about autumn movies when the summer has barely even begun -- why, we haven't even gotten to the new Batman movie yet! -- but the movies we have right here and now are never enough for movie junkies. We need to be talking about what's coming up, too.

And what am I psyched for come September? For one, the Coen Brothers' latest, Burn After Reading. Why? Easy:

1.) It's going to release in September. You know what the state of comedy is going to be in September? Another Tyler Perry movie. I kid you not. We'll be desperate for something clever.

2.) It's Joel and Ethan Coen. With another comedy ... which looks outrageously funny from the trailer. And this after their last movie, the deadly serious No Country for Old Men. What other filmmakers can so easily and brilliantly swing back and forth between pitch-black drama and wild, subversive comedy?

3.) How did they anticipate that this flick -- about a CIA agent who accidentally leaves his top-secret memoirs on a disc in a gym locker room, where they are found by a dumb-bunny gym employee who tries to sell them to the highest bidder -- would actually echo reality? Because a British intelligence agent recently forgot a big fat folder of secret Al Qaeda intel on a train. It sounds an unbelievably boneheaded move ... unless that was, in fact, a publicity stunt for this flick.

4.) Oh my god, the cast: George Clooney, Frances McDormand, Brad Pitt, John Malkovich, Tilda Swinton, J.K. Simmons. A movie with just one or two of these folks is cause for celebration, but all of them? How did the Coens manage that?

5.) What, you need more? Cuz I sure don't.


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