"D-List" No More: Kathy Griffin Won't Take My Calls

So I was having a conversation via e-mail with a copy editor at The San Diego Union-Trib. We were talking about how much we LOVE Kathy Griffin. When, suddenly, the conversation turned. And we realized that we actually HATE Kathy Griffin!

"Hey, she's headlining our Gay Pride Parade and she turned us DOWN for an interview!" San Diego fumed.

"DUDE!!" I replied. "She did the same thing to me when I was at The Seattle Times -- she came to Seattle to play the Paramount and turned us down for an interview. WTF? And she still makes a show of sitting down with the Tri-Valley Herald or whatever in Tracy, Calif.? LAME!"

San Diego: "We were going to stream her interview on our radio station, our web site AND give her a big portion of our cover. I am PO'd about it. I plan on going to the show here and booing her."

So there you have it. Kathy Griffin is no longer D-List.

However, I still hate-respect her, so please make sure read our Kathy Griffin appreciation by Tim Appelo, coming Thursday to Film.com.