What2Watch: Tila Tequila Chooses Her Latest Undying Love

A Shot at Love With Tila Tequila did not create quite as much buzz this season as last, possibly because when you strip away the novelty of a two-sex dating show, Tila herself isn't all that interesting. It also didn't help that the planning for the second season appeared to get under way right around the time the credits rolled on the season one finale. Believe it or not, there really are people who buy that these shows have at least some genuine emotion to them, and the fact that Tila didn't even pretend to have any sort of relationship with first winner Bobby made the whole enterprise look crass even by the low standards of the genre.

The second season comes to an end tonight (MTV, 10 PM), with either Bo or Kristy winning Tila's shrimpy little heart. Let's drinking game it: take a sip every time Tila says, "I'm falling in love with two people"; sip twice when there's a suggestive shot of a bedroom door closing with Tila and one of her suitors on the other side; and drain the bottle if she picks Bo instead of Kristy. Because let's be real: If you're going to run a bisexual dating show and your bisexual cred is in question, you can't pick the guy two straight seasons. Or should that be two consecutive seasons?

The Secret Life of the American Teenager (ABC Family, 8 PM): ABC Family is really raising its profile this summer. The Middleman is off to a good start, and now there's the debut of this series from 7th Heaven creator Brenda Hampton. The pilot deals with a 15-year-old girl's discovery that she's pregnant, the result of a one-night stand with the school bad boy at band camp (bad boys go to band camps?). Shailene Woodley plays the girl and Molly Ringwald, who blew out 40 candles on her last birthday, is the mom trying to cope.

Wipeout (ABC, 8 PM): The ratings were fantastic for the debut of this show last week, and I was among those who found it perversely entertaining. The previews that showed contestants getting tantalizingly close to crossing the big balls makes me want to keep tuning in so I don't miss the glorious day when it finally happens. This series is ideal for the summer because I don't know that there's enough variety in it to merit being a regular part of a network schedule. However, most of the competitions tonight have changed from the ones we saw last week (except for Big Balls), so that will help keep things fresh even as the players stay muddy.

America's Got Talent (NBC, 9 PM): Another week of auditions. I didn't think last week quite lived up to the first week in terms of showcasing possible contenders, but there were a few to watch, most notably the singing cancer survivor and the magician who is coming back from being shot in the heart with an arrow. Yeah, I think that's the sort of incident that would prompt me to reconsider magic as a career choice.

Hell's Kitchen (Fox, 9 PM): We're down to the final two: Petrozza and Christina. They're an interesting contrast because Petrozza is quite a bit older than the usual reality show contestant looking for a break, and Christina would seem to be way too young to win. But one of them will indeed win, and the process of figuring out who it will be starts tonight, when the pair prepare their signature dishes for a judging panel made up of Ramsay's other executive chefs.

P.O.V. (PBS, 10 PM): Election Day recounts the voting experiences in eleven separate locales on the day more Americans voted than any other, November 2, 2004. Director Katy Chevigny deals with (among others) an ex-con preparing to cast his first vote, a poll watcher on the lookout for possible intimidation, and a Cincinnati man taking a write-in campaign down to the wire. The film is 90 minutes long, no doubt to match the amount of time I spent waiting in line to vote back then.

Primetime: The Outsiders (ABC, 10 PM): Topics tonight include a Mexican man who once weighed 1200 pounds. Well, that certainly puts my own doughiness into perspective. Also, a look at people who treat their pet monkeys as surrogate children.

Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood (Oxygen, 10 PM): Here's the thing: Tori Spelling knows what A-list is, as the daughter of a man who was on that list for decades. She knows the difference between true stars and mere "celebrities." So it's curious that she would throw a party to celebrate her new book where the biggest names to show up would be Kim Kardashian, Christopher Knight & Adrianne Curry, and Perez Hilton. Yes Tori, that's the mediocre ocean you're swimming in these days. Speaking of which, Dean is still scuba diving. Can't say I blame him.

30 Days (FX, 10:05 PM): An aerobics instructor from Massachusetts who campaigns against guns moves in with an Ohio man who treats his guns as members of the family; she learns how to handle weapons and even works in a gun shop. The instructor, who came to be an activist after a friend was shot and killed, will also attempt to get her host to understand the grief of other gun control advocates who lost loved ones.