DeAnna's Engaged! And the Final Rose Goes To...

JASON. Seattle wins!

I feel confident making this prediction for two reasons: 1) is based in Seattle and the buzz around town is that Jason won, and 2) DeAnna's other option is Jesse.

So my friend's dental hygienist knows Jason and thinks that he won. Also, my other friend's husband used to golf with Jason and actually encouraged him to go on The Bachelorette. Jason had apparently never seen the show, but said husband thought he and DeAnna would get on smashingly. And it looks like he was right.

Plus, my other friend went to high school with Jason and knows him from the Jewish community here and says that he is "the nicest guy."

Then again, don't nice guys always finish last?

Stay tuned. DeAnna revealed she's engaged on last night's Bachelorette: The Men Tell All, but it ain't over till the final rose ceremony next Monday. We'll be sure to discuss in next week's Best Movie-Film Talk Show Ever on