Tila Tequila Takes A Bad Shot, Gets Hangover

Tila Tequila has apparently turned to poetry to soothe her broken heart -- or wounded ego, more like -- after the reality show-equivalent of being jilted at the altar.

In the season finale of MTV's A Shot at Love With Tila Tequila, Tila chose former Playboy model Kristy over high school football coach (and all-around nice guy) Bo. But upon offering Kristy the "key" to her heart, Kristy promptly grabbed it and stabbed Tequila in the heart. Metaphorically speaking, of course.

Tila responded after the show aired by posting an angry poem on her MySpace page: "Smile on my face, the loving embrace...but instead I'll punch you in the face." I like how she rhymed "face" with..."face." It's so...postmodern.

It was almost as dramatic as The Most Shocking Rose Ceremony Ever when Bachelor Brad Womack rejected both Jenni and DeAnna.

Happily, this frees up Tila for A Shot at Love 3. As if there were ever any doubt.