9021-Uh-Oh! Brenda Walsh May Be Heading Back to Beverly Hills

Shannen Doherty is reportedly thisclose to sealing a deal to reprise her role as Brenda Walsh when 90210 debuts on The CW this fall. This is exciting on many levels. First, Tori Spelling and Jennie Garth hate Shannen Doherty. I can say this with some authority because I just got done reading Tori Spelling's memoir. Since Tori and Jennie have already signed on for the show, the potential backstage drama makes it feel like 1994 all over again. The Hills' feud is amateur hour compared to the original SoCal frienemies.

Second, I consider myself a 90210 purist; I think the best seasons were when the original cast was still intact. After Brenda left for London at the end of season four, none of the incoming replacements were bitchy enough to truly replace her in my heart. (Kelly Kapowski? Really?)

Third, I can't wait to see whatever happened to Brenda Walsh anyway. Kelly Taylor is a guidance counselor now -- at West Beverly, natch -- and Donna Martin owns a boutique. What will the writers dream up for Brenda? Washed-up actress who returns to her alma mater as a motivational speaker after multiple stints in rehab? Speaking of which, whatever happened to Shannen Doherty? We all know Tori dumped her husband for another man and is popping out babies on Oxygen and Jennie turned up on Dancing with the Stars, but I haven't seen Shannen since she briefly appeared in that awful reality show where she helped couples break up.

But before you (and by "you," I mean "I") get too excited, know that Brenda never does anything without a fight: Shannen Doherty is reportedly asking for more money and script approval before she agrees to the deal.

I consulted my Donna Martin Barbie about this, but she said: "No comment."