Project Runway: In fashion, one day you're in; the next, you're in L.A.

Last season on Project Runway, winner Christian Siriano signed off by quipping playfully to Victoria Beckham, "We'll be in touch!" He might as well have said, "Let's do lunch," a phrase that's as Hollywood as it gets. Fittingly, next season, that's exactly where you'll find our adored cast of designers and judges. Yep, Heidi Klum & Co. are coming west for at least part of season six. Season five premieres July 16 -- the last season on Bravo before moving to Lifetime -- but like any proper fashionista, I'm already looking ahead to next season. I'm a native Angelino and I heart fashion. So what, besides Tim Gunn getting a tan, can we look forward to?

L.A STYLE: New York fashionistas own Manolos. Cali girls have a different approach to style. I've built mine around hippies, sunshine, Mexico and Beverly Hills. That's L.A. Style. Fergie's got it--she's from Van Nuys. Gwen Stefani's got it--she's from the O.C. As for Nicole Richie--well, at least she knows how to hire a decent stylist. She's a Cali girl, too. It's a style that's built around harder bodies and more skin than NYC. It's a style that been fed by this paradox of a city: To the south, Cholitas with penciled-in eyebrows and tattooed lipstick; to the north, sleepy bedroom communities; to the west, white beach sand and the blue, blue Pacific; and to the east, Hollywood and a million hopeful dreamers. What better place to dig in for some inspiration?

CHANGES: Klum revealed recently that PR would get a "facelift."(Perfect. We've got all the best surgeons. Dr. 90210, anyone?) Included in the changes will be a new network (Lifetime) and new catchphrases ("Auf wiedersehen" to "Make it work"?! Quelle horror!) While it's been rumored that some of the judges may not make the L.A. move, I think it would benefit Nina Garcia to drive through Laurel Canyon with the top down before she scribbled furiously, furrowed brow twitching, each week. Likewise, Michael Kors could totally find a hottie in WeHo to smooth him out on frazzled days. And how fabulous would the guest judges be? Consider the A-List celebrity possibilities. Jennifer Lopez, Ryan Seacrest, Jessica Alba, Gwen, Fergie and Posh all have their own clothing lines and call L.A. home (at least part of the time). How delicious would it be to watch Seacrest flirt with Michael, Heidi and the young, sweet impressionable designers?

CHALLENGES: While I could drink a six-pack of my beloved city and still be on my feet, the designers initially might be uncertain how to make it work. Not to worry. I've got an inspirational first challenge for them: Design a look based on one of L.A.'s best landmarks. I can see a Disney Concert Hall-inspired gown or a hat based on the famed Grauman's Chinese Theatre. Super fierce. As for replacing the eternally-cool Mood for 30-minute fabric dashes, I know an equally edgy textile shop on Beverly Boulevard near Robertson. Happily, it's a beach cruiser's ride from The Ivy, where the designers can do lunch with the pop stars and paparazzi after they've shopped. Maybe the new Christian, Rami or Jillian will create enough heat to get snapped by the paps. As for other challenges, I'd like to see those chic trendsetters redesign the flip-flop (can't you just hear Stacey London groaning?), invigorate the bikini (for evening wear?), revamp the Lakers uniforms (I liked the '70s short-shorts), or create looks for the red carpet (nothing homespun, please).

I'm sure there are purists out there who believe fashion and the City of Angels can't marry as sweetly as it can in the Big Apple. But no one can argue that Tim Gunn could use a little sun.