What2Watch: Baby Borrowers: Still No One Dead

OK, I suppose Baby Borrowers wasn't quite as horrific as I feared it would be. I still have some curiosity about why anyone would turn their baby over to a couple of teenagers for a few days for the purposes of a reality show, but most of the borrowers seemed like conscientious sorts once they got their bravado out of the way (if you make allowances for the typical reality show technique of making viewers worry about pending disaster). And if the series keeps any teen couple from trying parenthood out for themselves, then mission accomplished.

Tonight (NBC, 9 PM), the "parents" get their first evaluations from the real parents of the babies, who pull no punches in explaining what needs to be changed, other than diapers. The teens discover that actually living with a baby for more than a day at a time requires one to learn patience and understanding. And two of the new mothers decide that it might be a good idea for them to work outside the home. The good news is that infancy doesn't last forever. The bad news is that once they start talking back, you're in a brave new world.

So You Think You Can Dance (Fox, 8 PM): It was inevitable that they were going to eventually stop cutting couples, given that there was no way they could keep Chris, but they didn't want to unload Comfort just yet. We'll see if she and Thayne can take advantage of their second ride on the hot tamale train. I was looking forward to the show becoming more individual-oriented anyway.

Clean House (Style, 9 PM): It's a search for the messiest home in the country. I thought I heard Niecy Nash and the crew ringing the doorbell here, but I couldn't weave my way around the piles of accumulated crud in order to answer it in time. Seriously though: is it all that important to have a clean house? Some of history's greatest figures had issues with clutter. How did you think Louis Pasteur discovered all those wonderful things about germs?

Monster Quest (History, 9 PM): They're trying to kill me here. This is not just an hour on the subject of rats, it's specifically about giant rats. GIANT rats. They're heading into sewers and everything, in a search for the much-rumored mutant super-rats the size of refrigerators, which will even attack humans if they see an opening. I just hope this is rated TV-MA, for the sake of the children.

On the Road in America (Sundance, 9 PM): The four Arab sojourners travel to Montana for a visit to Yellowstone and a look at a dude ranch. It's possible that not everyone in Montana was thrilled to see them, but a glimpse of Big Sky country can't help but put one in a better mood about America.

She's Got the Look (TV Land, 10 PM): It's a "visit from home" episode--goodness, they couldn't have been away for much more than a couple of weeks at this point. Suck it up! Also, the women try out as spokesmodels (love that word) with a commercial shoot. If this show were just about looks, they would have shut down after the first episode and named Bahia the winner--the woman is stunning. And they obviously want her around, since she could have easily been cut after her issues with last week's challenge.

Shear Genius (Bravo, 10 PM): Anyone missing the Real Housewives of Orange County will be happy to learn that they show up tonight to get worked over during the elimination challenge. I don't recall any of them having especially demanding hair, but I'm sure the likes of Vicki will keep the drama comin'. The designers will also be asked to come up with a stylish look for really short hair.

The Real World (MTV, 10 PM): You have to wonder if some seasons of shows are just plain cursed. Now we've got people who know the Real Worlders dropping dead? Tonight, the roomies head to Cancun on vacation because, you know, drinking nonstop for three months is grueling work, man. I think these vacations made sense back when The Real World wasn't debauchery 24/7, but now they're indistinguishable from the rest of the show.