Premature Nostalgia with VH1's I Love the New Millennium

Whenever I want to turn on the TV for background noise, I automatically go to VH1. (And then if Flavor of Love is on, I continue up the dial to E!) If I'm lucky, I can catch a bit of I Love the 80s or I Love the 90s. There's nothing better than reliving a little bit of my childhood with '80s toys, or remembering bad fashion trends I embraced in the '90s. (Bike shorts under a sunflower print baby doll dress, homemade scrunchies: you name it. The sad part is that I thought I looked so good.) But isn't it a little too soon to relive the decade we're, you know, in? That's right, VH1 couldn't wait two more years to chronicle the current decade in I Love The New Millennium. I guess Hal Sparks is really hurting for work.

Of course, the title of the show begs the question: "Is it too soon?" Setting aside for a moment the fact that there are still two years of the decade that haven't happened yet, are we really ready to laugh at ourselves for wearing things that are probably still in our closets, or reminisce over technologies, like iPods and TiVo, that we're still using?

VH1 will undoubtedly rerun the bejeezus out of these episodes, but if you just can't wait, here is when you can catch them. (All times are EST/PST):

2000: Monday, 6/23 at 9pm

There's probably still somebody at your office imitating the "Whazzup?" guys. Also: Erin Brockovich, TiVo, and Survivor.

2001: Monday, 6/23 at 10pm

This installment will consider Moulin Rouge and low-rise jeans, but I'll be most interested to see how the usually tongue-in-cheek show treats the September 11th attacks.

2002: Tuesday, 6/24 at 9pm

American Idol, David Blaine, Botox, and My Big Fat Greek Wedding.

2003: Tuesday, 6/24 at 10pm

Aw, it seems like only yesterday since Finding Nemo came out. Ahhnuld becomes The Governator, and a bunch of dumb girls get tricked by Joe Millionaire.

2004: Wednesday, 6/25 at 9pm

This was the year of religious controversy with The Passion of The Christ and the novel, The Da Vinci Code. Unfortunately, it was also the year of William Hung.

2005: Wednesday, 6/25 at 10pm

Is it really time to reminisce about YouTube? Dateline started catching predators in 2005. Hopefully, they won't try to make Hurricane Katrina funny.

2006: Thursday, 6/26 at 9pm

Daniel Craig as James Bond, Mel Gibson's drunken rant, and Daniel Powter's ubiquitous bad day.

2007: Thursday, 6/26 at 10pm

Who wants to talk about the crazy, stalking astronaut in a diaper?

* * *

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