Greek: Girls Gone Mild

Although Greek is much more enjoyable for grown-ups than you might expect from an ABC Family series, it doesn't seem to be quite sure whether it wants to be an American Pie-type sex comedy or a more wholesome, everybody-learns-a-lesson show. The melodrama never reaches Gossip Girl (or even Dawson's Creek) levels, but then again, I never would have expected crabs to be a plot point on a show aired on a family network. (Not that I'm complaining, mind you. Just a little surprised.)

In last night's season finale, most of the students of Cyprus-Rhodes University headed to Myrtle Beach for spring break. Now, I never did the whole spring break thing myself, but I used to watch an awful lot of MTV, and more recently I've seen an awful lot of news coverage about the dangers of spring break: alcohol poisoning, falling out of windows, roofies, and so on. I didn't necessarily expect to see outtakes from a Girls Gone Wild video, but this episode didn't get much more hedonistic than irresponsible credit-card spending and failure to apply adequate sunscreen.

Rusty and Calvin both took the bus home early. It broke down, which led to calling Dale to come and get them. Surprisingly, Dale talked them through their differences and mended their friendship. Casey and Ashleigh under-booked the Zeta Beta rooms, causing them to have to cram all the active members into two rooms instead of five (although we never actually saw any of the other girls except for Frannie and Drunk Betsy). Meanwhile, Rebecca and the pledges had booked a sweet suite and weren't sharing. Rebecca, having gotten some bad news from a reporter, lashed out at Cappie and Casey for still being friendly. Evan who was still in Casey's doghouse after paying a guy not to go out with her, didn't have much more of an arc than to troll for girls, and then ended up hooking up with Frannie. Casey and Cappie bonded over their mutual planlessness and made out on the beach. After learning that Rebecca's dad was implicated in a sex scandal, Cappie went back to her room to comfort her.

So, Rusty and Calvin are friends again, Evan and Frannie are together, and Rebecca and Cappie are still together, although maybe not for long. Thus ends the season of Greek. It seems a little odd to me to end with spring break rather than the end of the school year, but I guess doing so allows ABC Family to stretch the hit show out a little bit longer. Casey, Evan, Ashleigh, and Cappie are all juniors, so slowing down the time line a little bit can keep those characters around longer than one more year. They'll be back, along with the rest of the Cyprus-Rhodes students, in September.

* * *

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