On DVD: Enough Rambo to Rescue Several Third-World Countries

Rambo's back this week -- locked and loaded, and more than a little sweaty-looking -- as Lionsgate releases Rambo: 2-Disc Special Edition, Rambo: The Complete Collector's Set, and Rambo: I-III Blu-ray Box Set. Also available individually for the first time on Blu-ray disc are Rambo First Blood Part II and Rambo III.

Rambo: 2-Disc Special Edition

One of Hollywood's most familiar and unkillable characters returns to rattle your home theater walls with Rambo: 2-Disc Special Edition on DVD and Blu-ray disc. Both the DVD and Blu-ray versions come with a standard-definition digital copy of the feature film for iTunes and Windows Media, providing a consumer-friendly way to transfer the feature film from a DVD to iTunes that can then be viewed on a PC or Mac, iPod with video, iPhone, or on Apple TV.

Starring, as if you had to ask, Sylvester Stallone, who also co-wrote and directed the film, this latest installment of the series finds our hero John Rambo on a mission to save a group of Christian aid workers who have been kidnapped by Burmese soldiers. He has retreated to a simple life in a rural Thai village near the Burmese border. He captures snakes for local entertainers and transports groups in his old PT boat. Following repeated pleas, Rambo helps ferry a group of Christian aid workers into war-torn Burma for a humanitarian mission, where local villagers are regularly tortured and massacred by sadistic Burmese soldiers. The mission is going well until the village is attacked, and the missionaries are taken prisoner by the soldiers. The missionaries' minister enlists Rambo to help him rescue his group in the midst of a deadly civil war.

Rambo: 2-Disc Special Edition's bonus features include a really good (!) audio commentary with Sylvester Stallone, as well as deleted scenes and six featurettes. The Blu-ray set includes all of the featurettes, a gallery of trailers from all previous Rambo films, a MoLog feature (an online interactive Movie Log discussion community), and a unique audio commentary with Stallone that utilizes Bonus View Picture-in-Picture that takes the viewer beyond the film.

Rambo: The Complete Collector's Set

Now for the first time, Rambo fans can experience the entire journey of Sylvester Stallone's consonant-challenged character when Lionsgate brings the Rambo films together in Rambo: The Complete Collector's Set. This six-disc set includes all four films -- First Blood (Ultimate Edition), Rambo: First Blood Part II (Ultimate Edition), Rambo III (Ultimate Edition), and Rambo (2-Disc Special Edition) (featuring a digital copy of the film). The discs come encased in a limited-edition tin box that feels like it could withstand a mortar attack.

The set comes with over twenty extras, including a separate disc packed with ten featurettes and the theatrical trailers for all four films. The other discs come with their own individual special features such as "Interactive Military Special Operations Features," which explain different aspects of the production through text, videos, and photographs. Some of these are files for your computer, others are part of the "Survival Mode" that gives you, through a clickable screen icon, the option of selecting the bonus file while you watch the movie. You can also choose any of these pieces through a separate menu that lets you browse for what you want without interrupting your viewing. The discs also come with (honestly, color me surprised) enjoyable and informative commentary tracks with Sylvester Stallone and others, plus deleted scenes, numerous production and contextual featurettes -- "The Real Nam: Voices from Within," "Afghanistan: Land in Crisis," "Guts and Glory," and "The Weaponry of Rambo" are examples -- and more.

Rambo: I-III Blu-ray Box Set

Also for the first time, Rambo fans can experience the first three films like never before with the Rambo: I-III Blu-ray Box Set. Presented in 1080p High Definition 16x9 widescreen, the first three films also feature 5.1 DTS HD Master Audio along with "Out of the Blu" Trivia Tracks. In addition, each Blu-ray disc contains individual special features that include audio commentaries, documentaries, and featurettes that definitively capture the first three installments of Stallone's iconic big fella. Rambo: I-III Blu-ray Box Set is a must-have for action fans embracing the new format. (Rambo First Blood Part II and Rambo III are available as individual Blu-ray discs as well.)