What2Watch: House Goes To The Brink

This has to be one of the bigger TV days of the year, with no fewer than eleven season finales, the last Dancing With the Stars performance hour, and the return of The Bachelorette after several years of hibernation. But anticipation might be highest for the conclusion of the two-part House season-ender. Last week's surreal mystery and startling last-act revelations added up to what was probably the most widely praised hour of television since the strike ended, if not all season long.

Tonight (Fox, 9 PM), House continues to deal with the aftereffects of the bus accident (though hopefully won't drive himself to the point of nearly dying, as last week), while struggling to remember exactly what he sensed was wrong just before the accident. Fans who have complained all season about the overcrowded series pushing the House/Wilson relationship to the background ought to be satisfied tonight, as Wilson worries about both House and Amber, and has to concern himself with why those two were together in the first place. For those who have thought that what this very well-acted series could use was a little more heart, this hour may be for you.

American Gladiators (NBC, 8 PM): Man, here's one frenzy that died down in a hurry: the return of Gladiators last Monday was the lowest-rated non-CW show of the night. It's a fill-in series only.

Bones (Fox, 8 PM): The episodes that were never shot due to the strike have had their effect on Bones, which is faced tonight with not only dealing with the aftermath of the Booth shooting at the end of last week's episode, but with also wrapping up the season-long Gormogon serial killer mystery, which turns out to have a connection to the Jeffersonian after all.

Dancing With the Stars (ABC, 8 PM): Jason Taylor, Kristi Yamaguchi, and token non-athlete Cristian de la Fuente perform for the last time, each doing a cha-cha and a freestyle. Kristi has an Olympic gold medal to her name, and Jason's team won one game last year. Just sayin'.

Gossip Girl (CW, 8 PM): A first season of upper crust mayhem ends with Blair defending Serena to Georgina, Lily preparing for her wedding while still having Rufus on her mind, and Serena admitting certain details of her past to Dan.

Greek (ABC Family, 8 PM): I love college activism: Cappie is fighting campus rules he feels are too restrictive, while Casey's attempt to bend house rules for Ashleigh create controversy.

Little People, Big World (TLC, 8 PM and 8:30 PM): At 8:00, Matt has trouble getting the older kids interested in their chores, what with the onset of better weather. At 8:30, Molly wants some help learning Russian. I guess that's one way of staying out of trouble, unless she's joining the KGB.

The Big Bang Theory (CBS, 8 PM): Penny is single now, and Leonard has a date with her, prompting him to ask for advice from his friends. Like they would know anything? This show is one of the few CBS successes that isn't five years old and/or doesn't have a body count.

Curb Appeal (HGTV, 8:30 PM): Giving a boring home a new look with a paint job and a picture window.

How I Met Your Mother (CBS, 8:30 PM): A Very Special Episode? The third season finale finds Ted surviving a close call, which prompts him to think about where his life is and where Stella fits into it. If Stella isn't the mother, they're really stringing us along.

Dirty Jobs (Discovery, 9 PM): Mike heads to Alaska -- there's that state again! -- to help clean up an oil spill, and then works pulling a (hopefully unoccupied) car out of an ice-covered Minnesota lake.

Flavor of Love (VH1, 9 PM): The last-ever (they swear) Flavor of Love ends with Flav in France and Monaco, torn between three women. I predict the winner will be Thing 2, because this is Flav and that would be funniest.

Jon & Kate Plus 8 (TLC, 9 PM): Jon and Kate decide to give themselves a special day, which means a tooth whitening session -- seriously -- and a trip to an organic restaurant. Man, how does anyone keep up with these two crazy kids?

One Tree Hill (CW, 9 PM): Another season of small-town preposterousness ends with Brooke dealing with the heartbreak of having to give up her baby, Haley making strides musically, and Peyton learning about someone from her past.

Paradise Hotel 2 (MNTV 9 PM; Fox Reality 1 AM): I really don't know what the point of this show was, but at any rate, it's all over tonight. Past guests return to quiz the final two couples, and then we get a winner. Hopefully, the grand prize includes a free medical checkup.

The Bachelorette (ABC, 9 PM):The fourth edition of this Bachelor spin-off, but the first in three years, stars DeAnna Pappas, who was the fan favorite last fall (to the extent The Bachelor has fans) but was spurned by Brad Womack along with fellow finalist Jenni. As always in the first episode (it's two hours), 25 are introduced, two or three will make any sort of impression, and ten will be immediately dispatched before we know a thing about them. Jenni will be back too, to help DeAnna do the culling.

Two and a Half Men (CBS, 9 PM): Charlie meets the daughter of the older woman he's been seeing -- or rather, he realizes he's "met her" before. The Sheen gets around.

Wildfire (ABC Family, 9 PM): This show continues to move its characters toward a resolution with Kris getting a last chance to race Wildfire, and learning that she and Junior have a chance to move to -- where else? -- Alaska.

The Rules of Engagement (CBS, 9:30 PM): Adam and Jennifer make wedding plans; Russell tries to take advantage of a favor he's doing for Audrey; Jeff gets a bitchin' Camaro.

America's Port (National Geographic, 10 PM): The port welcomes a non-polluting hybrid ship; a fishing boat creates a minor stir; the Coast Guard rescues a sea lion.

CSI: Miami (CBS, 10 PM): Horatio is on the warpath in the season finale, going after a killer who has declared war on his team.

Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives (Food Network, 10 PM): Guy travels to dives that provide fast food: a taco stand in Austin, a panini shop in Alabama, and a farm-based diner in Arizona.

Miss Rap Supreme (VH1, 10 PM): The world's most pointless musical act, Soulja Boy, shows up as the ladies shoot music videos at sea.

Verminators (Discovery, 10 PM): A restaurant is being overrun by roaches, and a hive of bees needs to be dealt with.

The Paper (MTV, 10:30 PM): Homecoming is around the corner, which might prompt the brattier members of The Circuit staff to put aside their pettiness for a little while.