The Desperate Housewives Finale Set The Season Straight

This two-hour season finale of Desperate Housewives was chock-full of good stuff. The ladies of Wisteria Lane were dealing with Kayla, Wayne and Ellie and last week all of those situations were at the breaking point. All of those loose ends were tied up in this episode and we weren't left hanging.

CPS was called on Lynette after Kayla called the doctor. Then Kayla listened in as Lynette and Tom were given advice on how to keep their kids. That little witch then burned her own arm with a curling iron and said that Lynette did it. After Lynette was arrested, she told Tom to get off the fence and realize what was going on. He grew a set and tricked Kayla into confessing all while he recorded the conversation. He realized that Kayla couldn't stay and sent her off to live with her grandparents.

Adam found out that Wayne was back and told Catherine that he gave up on her, not on Dylan. Wayne freaked when he saw Adam at Dylan's concert and lured him out and kidnapped him. He tortured Adam, trying to get the information about the real Dylan out of him, but beat him so bad he thought Adam was dead. So he left him.

The ladies met Susan's new baby boy. Susan wanted to name him Connor, but Mike wanted to name him after his recently deceased grandfather, Maynard. Mike explained to her how much his grandfather had done for him and what he meant to him, so Susan agreed to Maynard. Then Julie was accepted into Princeton and Susan had to grow up and let her go.

Bob and Lee wanted Catherine and Bree to plan/cater their recommitment ceremony. They planned the party while at the shooting range. But Catherine backed out when she realized that she was going to have to run away from Wayne again, and Bree basically had to do it all herself. Lots of stuff happened on Wisteria Lane before, during, and after the ceremony.

The police set up a sting to catch Ellie and her supplier. Right as it was going down, Gaby felt sorry for her and tipped her off. Ellie later called Gaby and told her that she needed her teddy bear that she left in the closet. When Gaby balked, she said that it's the only thing she had left from her father. When Gaby found the bear, it had $118,000 stuffed inside and Gaby decided to keep it. Ellie came to get the money and she and Gaby fought over it. Carlos' dog bit Ellie's arm and when Gaby ran out of the house to call the police, Ellie escaped out the back.

Meanwhile, Catherine was having a flashback of the time when she attempted to report Wayne for abuse and ran up against that Blue Wall. When she went to the police this time about Adam disappearing, she again ran up against Wayne's friends. Wayne then caught her alone in the house. He told her that he would kill the fake Dylan unless she told him what happened to the real one. Ellie, unfortunately for her, picked that house to hide in and was shot and killed by Wayne. Bree also ended up in the house after going to confront Catherine about leaving her in the lurch.

Catherine told Wayne and Bree the story about the real Dylan after Wayne threatened to shoot Bree. It turns out that Wayne had found them once before and brought Dylan a doll. Catherine put the doll on top of the china cabinet when Dylan fell asleep, and she confronted Wayne. That's when she clocked him with the candlestick (she didn't kill him though), and he left the house. That night while Catherine was asleep, Dylan attempted to get the doll and the cabinet fell on her. She knew the police wouldn't believe that it was an accident, so the real Dylan is the body in the grave that Catherine visited a few episodes back. She found fake Dylan in a Romanian orphanage and was struck by how she looked exactly like her Dylan.

Just as Wayne was going to shoot Catherine, Adam drove through the party and burst into the house. Wayne ran downstairs and Catherine yelled to Adam about the gun. There was a gunshot and Adam walked upstairs holding the gun. Wayne wasn't dead, and when Bree took Adam into the other room to get him cleaned up and to call the police, he taunted Catherine by telling her she was going to jail and by saying how nothing would happen to him because his friends would take care of him. She then shot him dead. Before the police arrived, Bree rounded up the ladies and they banded together with a story of fear and abuse. When the police did arrive, they immediately wanted to arrest Catherine for the murder. But once they talked to the witnesses, they had no choice but to release Catherine and call it self-defense.

The scene changed to five years later: Catherine has been fully accepted into the group; Gaby has two mischievous girls; Bree is a very successful businesswoman and author; Lynette's boys are delinquents; Dylan is in Paris with her new fiancé; and Susan goes home to her man ... and it's not Mike. Is this where we will pick up Desperate Housewives next season? We'll just have to wait to find out!