One-Season Wonders

Now that the networks have announced their fall schedules, we can stop speculating about which new shows from the class of 2007-08 will make it to a second season. Some were casualties of the WGA strike, unable to hold onto their audience through a long break, some were never given a fair shot by the networks, and some were just bad ideas to begin with.

Deservedly Canceled:

The Return of Jezebel James: I wanted to like this show from Gilmore Girls auteur Amy Sherman-Palladino. It had a lot going for it: a smart, topical premise and a great cast. The 30-minute, multi-camera format was horrible idea, though, and the laugh track was repellent. I doubt it would have gotten airplay at all if not for the strike.

Viva Laughlin: Okay, so maybe this musical casino premise works in England, but the Brits don't have the horrifying legacy of Cop Rock looming over them.

Bionic Woman: A year or so ago, this show seemed to be having everything going for it. Buzz, a built-in audience who loved the original show as kids, and Battlestar Galactica's example as proof that there's an audience for dark remakes of campy '70s classics. The problem? It wasn't fun or compelling enough to hold viewer's attention. It didn't help that Michelle Ryan had the approximate charisma of a potted plant.

Cashmere Mafia: This Sex and the City clone failed to be interesting in anyway. (The real mystery, in fact, is why NBC bothered to renew Lipstick Jungle.) Lucy Liu fans can take heart in the fact that she'll be appearing on Dirty Sexy Money next year.

Needed Another Shot:

Miss/Guided: ABC burned off all seven episodes of this series in the space of two weeks. It had an appealing premise, hilarious supporting cast, good writing, and an adorable leading lady in Judy Greer. Had Miss/Guided been given the same promotion and opportunities as Samantha Who?, I bet we'd be back in the counselor's office this fall.

Women's Murder Club: This female-driven crime show couldn't make it to year two, but Ghost Whisperer gets a season four?

Aliens in America: The most original sitcom of the 2007-08 season, about a Pakistani exchange student in America's heartland, never really had a chance. It was out of place on the CW, and it probably didn't help that it may have alienated (no pun intended) a lot of the heartland audience it gently poked fun at.

Moonlight: Okay, I have to confess that this show wasn't my favorite. I never got over the feeling that it was a poor Buffy/Angel substitute. It certainly grew a loyal fan base, though, and I can respect that. And again, how is it less deserving of airtime than Ghost Whisperer? Seriously.

There are some other shows I would have liked to see back. Personally, I enjoyed Life is Wild (I have an Africa fetish) and New Amsterdam (I have a Nicolaj Coster Waldau fetish, but who doesn't?). I can understand why their networks (CW and Fox, respectively), decided not to bring them back, though, and I know that the fall season will bring a new batch of shows to get attached to.

* * *

Amy Kane spends as much quality time with her television as possible, when she's not busy at her day job as a cube dweller.