Dancing With The Stars: And The Mirror Ball Trophy Goes To

As I was getting myself all nice and comfy on the couch last night to watch the season six finale of Dancing With The Stars, I couldn't help but be excited. Might a woman finally win again? Not since the first season when Kelly Monaco took home the trophy has that happened. Now I would have to sit through two hours of fluff to find out the result, but I was prepared.

Usher opened the show with a performance of his latest single, "Love In This Club." Lip-syncing aside, the dancing was fairly entertaining. It seems as though whoever choreographed that number had watched a ton of '80s movies lately because I could have sworn I saw all of his moves thousands of times over in music videos I watched in my teenage years. He even brought the "robot" back! His second performance later in the show to his mega hit "Yeah!" was a bit different as well. He jazzed it up and in doing so he ruined the song. That's a performance I hope I never see again.

After his performance, it was time to narrow the three finalists down to two. Not surprisingly, it was Cristian & Cheryl that were eliminated. They looked so disappointed but managed to keep their chins up. While watching their video montage of the season, Cheryl cracked though and tears began to stream down her face. I felt so bad for her I began crying myself. Come on, get it together girl. You have another hour-and-a-half to watch! Before making their exit, they danced a paso doble that they would have danced later in the evening if they had made it to the finals. It was a very nice way for them to go out.

Without a doubt, the most boring part of the show had to have been watching all of the previous stars this season come back and dance. Seriously, does anybody want to watch Penn or Monica or even Marissa dance again? Not I! It was nice to see Steve again, though, and even Adam. Those are some very funny guys!

There was one final dance from our two finalists for the evening before the champion would be crowned. Kristi & Mark danced a jive that blew everybody away a first time and brought them their first perfect score of the season. And guess what? It brought them another perfect score this time around. They now had 90 out of 90 points.

Jason & Edyta brought back a quickstep and did just as good this second time around if not better. This time, the judges gave them the proper score. A perfect score of 30! It only took them ten weeks but at least they got it. But would 81 out of 90 be enough when combined with the viewers' votes?

After ten weeks of competition, it was time to find out. The winners of this sixth season of Dancing With The Stars are ... Kristi & Mark! Woo-hoo! After they thanked everybody and their mothers, it was time for the other dancers to swarm them on the dance floor. Both of them looked very excited, but I think Mark was probably more excited than Kristi was. Well, he showed it more than Kristi did anyway and that was fun to watch.

Ah, another season of my favorite dancing show is over. I can't wait for the next season to begin and I especially can't wait to see who the next round of stars will be. I hope you all enjoyed this season as much as I did and I'll see you back here for the next one. Until then everybody!


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