Bad Breakups And Even Worse Fashion Left Gossip Girl On A Low Note

First things first, let's talk fashion. Which dress was more horrifying? Was it the yellow, ruffled extravaganza threatening to devour Serena's head, or Vanessa's Day-Glo orange potato sack? I really hope Jenny didn't put that creation in her design portfolio.

The true stars, and fashion winners of the Gossip Girl season finale were Blair and Chuck. Her hot-pink, floral bubble dress and matching headband were fierce, and Chuck proved he really is the most overconfident teenage boy in the world with the way he rocked that floral bow tie.

And that confidence came in handy at his father's wedding, where Chuck was faced with not only serving as best man, but also confronting his former best friend Nate with news that led to more trouble for the Archibald family, and with declaring his love to Blair. It was a big day for Chuck. He got his best friend back, he charmed his father's wedding guests with a heartfelt toast, and he got the girl. Chuck and Blair's romantic post-toast slow dance was the moment many fans had been waiting all season for. Look out Heidi and Spencer. There's a new, evil power couple on Monday nights, and they're much more fabulous.

But it wasn't meant to be. No sooner had the cake been cut at Lily and Bart's wedding than the show skipped ahead to a week in the future. Blair was gushing to Serena about how she and Chuck were flying to Tuscany on Bart's corporate jet before she joined her father in France for the summer. It was the first time we'd ever seen Blair happy over anything that didn't involve screwing over someone else. But over at the Palace, Chuck was changing his mind about the trip, and Blair, after hearing his father gush about how this relationship was finally making him a better, more mature man. While Blair was taking off for Tuscany (with a cute employee of Bart's, no less), Chuck was dumping her roses in the trash and showing the sexy, young interior decorator to his bedroom.

Sigh. Am I the only one who's sick of how it seems there aren't allowed to be any happy couples on TV lately? This time, the relationship so many fans had been looking forward to all season didn't even last five minutes. I'd rather see Blair and Chuck joining forces to raise hell on the UES together rather than spend another season getting frustrated over forced will-they-or-won't-they tension.

But will-they-or-won't-they seems to be the route the writers want to take with every couple on the show. Lily and Rufus woke up in bed together, on her wedding day, after last week's climactic kiss. Bart called her away from the scene of the crime, and made it obvious he wasn't blind to what was going on when he subtlety asked Lily if she was willing to leave her past behind for him. But her past showed up again moments before the wedding, threatening to shoo the guests away himself. For a moment that was supposed to represent the culmination of twenty years of mutual yearning, Lily and Rufus both seemed awfully nonchalant. We didn't get to see the moment when Lily decided to go through with the wedding, just Rufus opening the door and letting her go without a fight.

Unfortunately, Rufus passed the ambivalence gene down to his son, Dan. After finally learning the truth about Serena and Georgina's big secret, Dan was sympathetic to how hard it was for Serena to tell the truth. But after a few hours, he'd changed his mind and told her all the lying had been too much for him. Then a few minutes after that, he shared a final slow dance with her and said he didn't want to let her go. And then, a week later, he hadn't talked to her, and was promising to spend the entire summer hanging out with Vanessa, whining about Serena. Vanessa was free because she'd broken up with Nate. We weren't told the reason for the breakup, except that after watching Nate and Serena head off to "reflect" in the Hamptons together while Vanessa and Dan palled around Brooklyn, it was pretty easy to guess.

So, we end the season with the promise of new couples, new heartache, new music from Lincoln Hawk, and new ugly dresses from Jenny, who scored an internship with Blair's fashion-designer mother. I know I'll be back next season, but does anyone else wish GG had signed off for the summer on a higher note?