It's War on The Ultimate Fighter 7

Last night on The Ultimate Fighter 7, four members of Team Forrest fought for two spots in the semifinals. Dana White told Forrest to choose which two he would corner, but he couldn't. So, they flipped a coin and Jesse and Amir won: they would train with Team Forrest and have them in the corner, while Dante and Matt got Team Rampage.

The first fight was Jesse versus Dante and we were treated to a montage of Jesse's less-than-nutritious eating habits. He ate so much junk food and still managed to stay in shape. He was a couple of pounds over and took them off by wearing the plastic and playing ping-pong. Yes, I said ping-pong. They also showed him losing a pound or so by sitting in the hot tub, getting out to urinate by the side of the pool in his shorts, and then getting back in the hot tub. Ugh, disgusting.

I was disappointed in Rampage. While Dante was training, instead of helping, Rampage laid on the mat and napped. No wonder his team is being annihilated. Jesse trained hard, but Forrest said that he just did his own thing.

The first fight was as boring as all get out. Within the first few seconds of both rounds, Jesse took Dante to the mat. Every so often Jesse would get a few punches in, but for the most part Dante laid on his back and Jesse laid on top of him. Dante was very ineffective. Neither fighter was impressive, at all. Both rounds, same thing. When we were finally put out of our misery, Jesse won by unanimous decision.

The second fight was between Matt and Amir. These two guys are roommates and friends. Forrest said that Amir was even less confident than he was in his first match. This time, Rampage actually worked with Matt. He liked his fighting style. Many of the other cast members were shown talking about how tough this fight was going to be. The words "blood," "carnage," and "body bags" were commonly used. I was getting excited, hoping that it would make up for that first fight.

The first round was all stand-up. Punches, knees and kicks were thrown by each fighter. Amir took a beating and it didn't seem to phase him at all. I thought Matt got the best of him in that round, although Amir was more dominant at the end of the round. Matt left it all out there; he was looking tired by the end.

The second round started pretty much the same with Matt whaling on Amir. Amir did get back into it and about midway through the round he took Matt to the mat. After that, it was all Amir. Matt had no ground game and Amir dominated. Matt looked exhausted, got caught in a triangle choke hold, and tapped out. Once again, the fighters coached by Team Forrest came out on top.

Next week on The Ultimate Fighter 7, our old friend Jeremy May shows his rear end again. This time he eggs on Jesse, trying to get him to lose his cool and get kicked out of the competition. He's no longer in contention and he's still causing havoc. The final two quarterfinal matches will be shown and I'm actually looking forward to both of them. And right after that, the semifinal matchups will be made. Until then, catch y'all later.