American Gladiators: Brick was a Beast!

Last night on American Gladiators we had our first hearing-impaired contender, Brick. On the old show, there was a hearing-impaired Gladiator, the original Siren, and she was a beast. Her disability was not a disability for her on the show. I was hoping the same for him. He competed against Toby. On the women's side Tiffaney, an Air Force veteran, went against De, whose husband reminded me of a Marine Drill Sergeant.

Like Siren before him, Brick was a beast! He was friggin' awesome! He smoked the two fastest Gladiators, Rocket and Zen, in Vertigo and SkyTrack, respectively. He's the only contender to have scored 10 points on each of those events so far. And he made it look easy! Not only was he a fast little bugger, he was also able to pull Toa off of the platform on the new event, Tilt.

Let's talk about Tilt for a minute. Tilt is the Tug-of-War, taken to the next level. The Gladiator and the contender were each on a pivoting platform that looked none too steady. Of course, the platforms were high in the air over the pool. As your opponent gets a leg up on you, your platform tilts downward. I thought Hellga was perfect for this event, but she managed to disappoint me again. She was able to pull De off, but Tiffaney unseated Hellga in about seven seconds. On the men's side, Toby was pulled off by Toa in two seconds, but Brick made Toa take a dunk.

The women were only able to score in three of the six events. Crush was her dominating self in Joust, Pyramid, and SkyTrack. She's still undefeated in two seasons on the first two of those events. I'm looking forward to seeing her fight on the EliteXC show this coming Saturday night on CBS under her real name, Gina "Conviction" Carano. Anyway, the contenders were both able to score points against the new Gladiator, Steel, in Earthquake, against Jet and Venom in Rocketball, and De was able to score ten points against Hellga in Tilt.

In the Eliminator, both women did very well. De took a two-second head start into it, but that disappeared before she hit the cargo net. Tiffaney took the lead at the hand bike, when she was able to stay on, and De fell off. The Travelator almost decided another one, but Tiffaney was able to beat De to the top and finish in a time of 2:57. That's the best women's time so far. De wasn't that far behind her, either.

For the men, Brick took a 12.5-second head start into the Eliminator. It's not that Toby was that bad, Brick was just that good. On any other day, Toby would have been right in there. Brick had that lead, and he didn't give it up. This guy is a warrior. His shoulder popped out at the Pyramid and he nursed it. I honestly thought that was it, but no. He just kept going. He said that he popped it back in on the zip line. Ouch! Brick finished in 2:10 seconds for the second best time for the men. Just imagine his time had he not gotten injured!

Next week another four contenders compete for a spot in the semifinals. In two weeks, American Gladiators goes green: some kind of tie-in promotion with The Hulk has Titan turned green and the Gladiators with Hulk hands. We'll have to see how that goes. 'Til next time, catch y'all later.