The Bachelorette Takes Us Out to the Ballgame

This week on The Bachelorette, we found out that the three guys that got the first impression roses last week were invited to stay in the house with DeAnna. The rest of the guys were in the bunkhouse. The bunkhouse has bunk beds and an outdoor shower. Jeremy, Jesse, and Richard tried to make the most out of the opportunity by getting closer to DeAnna.

There were three dates, one one-on-one and two group dates. The best date, other than the one-on-one, was the baseball date. Those guys got to go to Dodger Stadium, meet Tommy Lasorda and hit baseballs on the field. That was so cool! They each got Dodgers jerseys with their names on the back too. They then had a homerun hitting contest with the winner getting alone time with DeAnna. Jeremy came through again -- he creamed the others.

During their alone time, she asked him to share something about himself. She felt that he was holding back. He shared with her that both his parents had passed away. That made an instant bond with DeAnna because she was really affected by her mom's passing when she was twelve. He, of course, got the rose for that date.

Paul got the rose from the other group date. Those guys really got robbed this week. Their date stunk compared to the baseball one. She did, though, get to spend some individual time with them. Graham was chosen for the one-on-one date and they had a really good day. You could see her wavering on him, though. She really liked him, but she didn't know where his head was. She even compared him to, gasp, Brad. In the end, he also got a rose.

Jealousy began rearing its ugly head. Some of the guys were pretty upset that DeAnna gave Jeremy an early rose again. That means he'll get to spend even more time in the house with her, instead of the bunkhouse. He really rubbed some of those guys the wrong way. I'm not too crazy about him myself. He reminds me of Robin from the last Bachelor season. He's super arrogant and way too competitive. Even though he already had a rose, he interrupted Twilley's alone time with DeAnna at the cocktail party prior to the Rose Ceremony. Just like Robin.

I don't know how DeAnna is gonna make it. She's already so emotionally invested in these guys. She had such a hard time at the Rose Ceremony eliminating anyone. It's only going to get worse for her. This week Chris, Ryan, and Eric were sent packing. I was a bit surprised by the Eric elimination, but remembered that she had a little one-on-one time with him and she wanted to see a connection other than the Greek thing. And I guess she didn't see it. After those three guys left, DeAnna had to excuse herself to go have a little cry.

Next week on The Bachelorette, they have a Wild West Adventure, and it looks like DeAnna gets hurt when she's thrown from the bull. Also, Jason finally tells her about his son. And Ellen DeGeneres makes an appearance to help DeAnna give out an early rose. The guys all have on Ellen underwear, ha! That should be a good one. Until then, catch y'all later.

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