Indiana Jones: The Fans Strike Back!

As always these are real comments, emails, and concerns received by the flying fortress with regards to our review of Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.

I've just seen it, and this review is spot on.

Boom! I've got the Brits in my corner, look out world!

Let's give this film a chance for the viewers to see before giving it bad grade. I'm a Indy Jones fan...

-- D.Cagle from East Tenn.

Hmmm. Okay, then. I will say that there has been MUCH less dissent than I would have thought over this review. In general people seem a bit disappointed. As to Mr. Cagle's point, I don't get a chance to let the viewers see it before giving it a bad grade. My reasoning is simple: our reviews are a chance for the audience to interact with and discuss film -- thus, waiting would cost us views and deprive the world of valuable discourse. However, if you'd like to bookmark the review, see the movie, and then discuss, I'll allow that sort of behavior.

This film, while not one of the world's greatest cinematic masterpieces, wasn't nearly as bad as this totally banal piece of dribble. Why do so many film critics sound so much like sexually frustrat...

The comment actually cuts off right there!! Can you believe that? It's sad, because I think they were going somewhere interesting with it. I should also note that the use of "banal" is impressive. They were talking about the audio review portion if that helps out with context. Also, if I were to attempt to interpret where the person was headed with the comment I'd note that I got into the movie discussion business for all the chicks. Sadly, I've found out that my job doesn't inspire anything near the level of groupies I thought it would and so I must lash out at poor unsuspecting mega-blockbusters at every turn.

But there's a larger point here people, and that is that we can come together as a movie-watching community and talk about movies without having to be "right" or "wrong." If you loved the movie I couldn't be happier for you; you're keeping the industry in business. However, if you didn't dig the film and want to vent I think there's a place for that too. We need to make a decision as an Internet community: are we going to encourage the free flow of ideas and criticism? Or do we need everything to be glossy and great? Because, personally, I love discussing film. I do it all day long, and I just need a few people to join me in the sandbox to make my life a little brighter. This isn't a memo; it's a mission statement. Oh, and don't think I didn't notice getting labeled as a "critic" there -- I'll get to that in a second.

Just another sad sequel riding on the back of previous entertaining movies that would guarantee 'bums on seats' for this one. A flop, save your money.

Another Londoner on my side! Y'all are my closest allies. To circle back on my longish point though, I'm here to serve, not to be labeled a "critic." If our relationship is working correctly there's a chance I'll save you a couple of hours or bucks. On the other hand, if you find I'm your human opposite-o-meter then that helps too, doesn't it? You can say to yourself, "Laremy hates it and that guy is an IDIOT, so I'd better rush right out and catch the first showing." I'm completely fine with that. We're building as a place where you can talk about movies with your friends and enemies.

A few years ago I was at a panel discussion where ESPN columnist Rob Neyer spoke. Since I'm a big fan of statistical analysis I introduced myself after he was through and thanked him for making my life a little better. He asked what I did and we started talking about where one can go to discuss movies right after they've seen them. Where is that community? Now, although I read a few dozen movie websites I still haven't found that place ... which is why I've decided to make THIS that place.

My buddy and writer Dre emailed me: One thing one review pointed out that I totally agree with and is the reason this is numero quatro on my list is that ... the movie lacks real heart. There's some. But not enough.

For the record Dre gave the movie a "B" grade. He definitely was able to process it as full-on entertainment a little better than I did. However, one of his friends (Chris) thought the movie was way too over-the-top. See what I'm getting at here? Even among people you respect and admire there can be dissent. That's okay, though. That's the good stuff, the marrow.

Well it does not matter what people say. I loved it. It is an A.


The story really isn't the issue. None of the movies had much of a story when you really think about it. Just: "Go get the McGuffin!" It's all in the action. In the first 3, the action sequences were usually amusingly unlikely, but in 4 they soar right into ridiculously unlikely territory. I was rolling my eyes when Shia started swinging with those monkeys. Then of course there was the overly schmaltzy ending. Luckily I went into it not expecting too much of it. It was entertaining and it held my attention. Not sorry I spent money on it. But of the 4 movies I would definitely have to rank this the ... least good.

- Zardox

I love that Zardox points out the "Go get the X" aspect. I can't tell you how many times Harrison Ford said, "Get me a lamp!" or "I need that shovel!" It was very silly.

You guys just don't get it?? Number 1: How old were you in [the] 1980s when the first Indy came out? U almost had it. It was the beginning of this type of movie. 2: It will make and break all records of $$$$.

Whoa there. Let's not confuse monetary and commercial value with a film that stands the test of time. Click made a ton of money. It was also, and this can't be emphasized enough, a TERRIBLE film. If the aliens come down and invade, as they're scheduled to do in 2015, and they happen to catch a few minutes of Click they will most likely round us up and kill us all. Also, what does my age in the '80s have to do with anything? At all? I loved the first three of the franchise. Is that the answer you were looking for?

The thing I missed the most was when Indy tells his sidekick not to touch anything. They always inadvertently touch something and set off a trap that the professor has to stop to escape. I loved the movie, but thinking back on it, it kind of does fall short of the first three. Hollywood makes me sad ...

- severedmuse334

But we can rise up! See, we can provide constructive criticism that goes something like, "Okay, we will allow you to make a few billion dollars but should you choose to make a fifth one of these please put in the Indy sidekick scene." Point for us.

Your review of the new Indiana Jones movie is totally fair ! I found 70% of the situations and action sequences unbelievable ! The film pushes the absurd to new heights!

I also went wanting to like and enjoy the movie ... I came away feeling cheated and robbed! The popcorn was the best part of my evening!

- vtyesfan

This film really was a barometer of head versus heart and the expectations game. For sheer entertainment value I get the enjoyment factor, but the story was just not there for me.

At 4:00 pm EST my wife and I were thrilled at letting go after a hard day's work being up from 4:30 am ... and let the fantasy of all Indy flicks begin. Plot is of little consequence when weighed against thrilled trips to areas of earth and story line that only any good story buff of Indy dreams could imagine.

That's a fair point and a reason I love movies to begin with. Escape. The question is one of balance. When does your intellect kick back in and say, "Ugh, what is happening here?" For me that point was about an hour in, but I don't judge those who got a kick out of the whole thing. One the other hand ...

It seams that the last few years anything LUCAS touches is a major disappointment, take Star Wars episodes 1-3 for instance! Now he's done the same with Indy. If we wanted CGI ants, and swinging through trees I'd have gone and watched THE MUMMY 1+2. Far too much CGI than there needed to be, to the extent that whole CGI scenes could/should have been cut to make a better film. Not classic Indy just another generic action film that played on the Indy franchise.

- swantaxi

See? It takes a movie-watching village. Until next time.

Your friend,


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