The Best Movie-Film Talk Show Ever: Episode 3

After finishing the second episode of the The Best Movie-Film Talk Show Ever we mulled over what to do next. Then it came to us - a THIRD episode!

If you decide to listen you'll get a compact 21 minute experience; perfectly suited for finishing up that latest political manifesto.

Here are the topics discussed:

1:05 -- Box Office - Indy wins... but no record broken.

1:57 -- Sopranos: The Movie?

3:23 -- How far is too far? Indiana Jones and the suspension of disbelief.

7:04 -- Should Keira Knightley branch out from period pieces?

9:21 -- What television show would you like to see adapated into a movie?

12:24 -- Grosse Pointe Blank vs. High Fidelity

19:30 -- Box Office Predictions

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You've heard the arguments - now you decide!

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