Grey's Anatomy: All Kinds of Trauma

In last night's season finale of Grey's Anatomy, the doctors of Seattle Grace had to contend with trauma in every sense of the word.

Meredith elaborated on last week's revelation that her mother attempted suicide in front of her. She waited until her mother was unconscious to call 911, because she was afraid she'd get in trouble. Well, that certainly explains a lot about Meredith and her issues. At the same time, Meredith and Derek faced the potential failure of their clinical trial. Oh, so symbolically, their last two patients were a pair of young lovers who met in a tumor support group. When the first one died, Derek was pretty harsh with Meredith, but later told Rose he keeps failing "her," meaning Meredith, and Rose pretty much got the picture that her relationship with Derek had a shelf life.

Meredith lent the sparkle pager to Cristina, who was still down about Burke's award. She used it to bump Izzie from working on a patient who'd jumped into a vat of concrete and been encased. Bailey, Callie, and all the attendings also worked on the case, as apparently concrete is very, very dangerous. There's all sorts of vascular issues, and toxins, and other stuff you wouldn't even think of. Cristina was able to get her mojo back when she performed a heart procedure she'd done with Burke, saving the patient.

Concrete boy's horrible girlfriend made Callie realize that she shouldn't ignore her feelings for Hahn just because she's afraid of what people might think. With encouragement from Sloan (which was weird, but he's "growing"), she went over and kissed her in front of the hospital.

George was down about not really having any significance as the chief's intern, so Lexie snuck into his office and read all the residents' files. Well, that's just obnoxious, frankly. Sure, she told him he only failed the residents' exam by one point and had the best letters of recommendation, but she did it without George's permission, and if they'd been caught it would've been his ass on the line. He's complaining about not having any power and she butts into his job without asking? Not very empowering. I don't get their relationship. Does she have a crush on him, or are they just friends? Is she latching onto George because Meredith rejected her? It did encourage George to ask the chief for a second chance, though. He got permission to re-take the resident's test, went home, and gave Lexie a peck on the lips to thank her. Okay, she totally loooves him. That's gonna get messy.

Alex skipped work to deal with Ava, who had progressed from loopy to completely nuts. They ended up at Seattle Grace eventually, though, because he apparently didn't realize that it's not a good idea to leave a crazy lady alone with a big sharp knife. This caused an ethical dilemma for Izzie; she was technically Ava's doctor, and wanted to have her admitted to the pysch ward, but Alex wanted her to butt out and let him take Ava home. Izzie stepped up and called psych in. It turns out that Alex took care of his mom when he was a kid. Maybe he should make an appointment with Meredith's therapist.

Encouraged by the way Izzie handled the Alex/Ava situation, Bailey handed the clinic over to Izzie. Well, that's a good idea. Izzie needs something to focus on, and Bailey's hands are way too full. This will give her more family time. Oh, and then Izzie went home and made out with Alex, who definitely could use some of that therapy right about now.

Meredith confronted the chief about her mother's suicide. It turns out he never knew about it. But talking to him helped Meredith figure out that since she was a surgeon, Ellis Grey wouldn't have cut her wrists, allowing herself to be saved. She would have cut her corroded artery if she really wanted to die. So, it was a call for attention; she wanted the chief to come running back. Well, Meredith might have a new perspective on her mom now, but that's still a pretty crappy thing to do to your kid.

Mere and Dere's final tumor patient didn't die, and her tumor actually started to shrink. In a very Tom Hanks/Sally Field moment, they both went to each other's houses to declare their love. Meredith waited for him at the trailer, where she outlined the foundation of his house with candles. Wow, she did a pretty good job, too. Bay windows, stairs, and everything. So, all along I was wondering how they were going to put these two forever for good; maybe the most surprising thing they could have done was to make it so much like something from a romantic comedy. To symbolize that they are turning a new leaf, Derek went to break up with Rose before sleeping with Meredith. (You know, like he didn't do with Addison the first time they were together.)

Well, they weren't kidding. Everybody sure did kiss everybody. Next season is set up pretty well, too. Bailey and the chief can continue to work on their family relationships, Meredith is getting healthier (I think Alex is going to be the new Meredith), Cristina has her groove back, and George and Izzie have more direction than either has had in awhile. Thank goodness they are going in separate directions, though, as I don't want to see the ickiness of last season repeated!

* * *

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