Ugly Betty's Season Finale Cameos: LiLo & Bitch

Before Lindsay Lohan was a punchline, she was actually a pretty decent actress. Hey, she played her own British twin in The Parent Trap. Can you do that? Sadly, somewhere around the time she ditched her red hair for blonde, her off-camera exploits began to overshadow her performances. It's been all downhill since Mean Girls.

It's suitable then, that she played a mean girl in last night's Ugly Betty. In a flashback sequence, LiLo played a bully who tormented Betty during a high school dodgeball game. She wasn't on screen very long, but will appear in five episodes next season.

Since one major guest appearance apparently is not enough, Naomi Campbell also appeared, poking fun at her reputation for being a bit scary with a cell phone.

In actual Ugly Betty plotline news: Daniel has a French son; Alexis appointed Wilhelmina editor-in-chief of Mode, bumping Daniel; and Betty had to chose between marrying Henry and moving to Tucson or jetting off to Rome for a month with Gio. I guess we'll find out which road she took next fall.

* * *

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