Britney Spears to Do a Vegas Show?

Britney took a lunch with Palms owner George Maloof in LA this week, reportedly to discuss the possibility of her doing a steady Vegas show, Celine Dion-style.

Says a source: “She wants to make a splashy comeback in Las Vegas. He wants the show to be full of high energy and flashy costume changes. She’s like the master at what she does. She’s a lot more experienced than most people. She just has the ‘it’ factor.”

What's with people announcing that Britney has the "it" factor lately?

Like, for chrissake, people, she's not auditioning for American Idol. This is a woman who had a number-one album before she was 18 years old. Of course she has an "it" factor. Of course she has it in her to be a phenomenal talent. We just need her to get her act together and prove it!

Go Brit-Brit!!

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