Summing Up the Season With the Survivor Reunion

So, even the last vote of this season of Survivor: Micronesia was a surprise. Now it's time to bring everybody back to discuss the season. In keeping with the tradition of Survivors looking way worse once they have access to their makeup and hair styling products, Amanda is working approximately the same look I rocked in my 7th grade class photo, with curly mall bangs and giant yellow earrings, and Parvati is just a few jangly bracelets short of a gypsy Halloween costume.

Parvati revealed that Jonathan identifying her as a threat shocked her into a more aggressive game. Amanda, who was just in the position of coming in second last season, said you can only get yourself so far in the game, because you just don't know what the jury is going to place value on. Cirie, who I think played the best strategic game, said her only regret was losing the final Immunity Challenge. Natalie said she got some hate on her MySpace page (not from me, though even though I did hate her).

This season was all about the blindside, going all the way back to Mary in the first episode. This is one of the first seasons in a while where most of the votes have been a surprise to me. Ozzy said the reason he didn't play the idol was because of the friendship he had with Parvati coming into the game. I still think he's behaved like a jackass, but he says they've made up.

The best incident from the season for me was Jason mistaking the fake idol for the real one. Eliza said she thought he was trying to put one over on her when he put it in her bag, but then she realized he was just that dumb. He still has the real hidden Immunity Idol that he didn't play.

Jeff asked about the Favorites' advantage going in. Jonathan said it was because they already knew how to get by on the beach, but Yau-Man said it was also a disadvantage because the Fans already knew their games. Ami was the first Favorite voted out after the merge (when it would have been possible to vote for a fan instead).

Erik was the ultimate Fan. I think he's exactly what they had in mind when they came up with this concept. Like Todd and Frosti in Survivor: China, he's been watching Survivor since his early teens. He's still starstruck, and now it seems he's a little bit starstruck by himself, if that's possible. Not that his ego is inflated, but he just thinks it's so cool that people on the street know who he is.

Jeff asked James who made the dumbest move out of Jason, Ozzy, and Erik. James said Erik, by eloquently comparing the Immunity Necklace to a life vest. I've said this before, but I still think it's Jason. Not for being blindsided, but for falling for the fake idol.

As if it weren't enough that this season had a record number of blindsides, it also had the most medical emergencies. (Or mental health emergencies, in Kathy's case.) I don't think any of the challenges were more brutal than normal, these players just bad luck. And maybe bad casting with Kathy. James and Jonathan are both doing okay after lots of antibiotics. James is back at work and getting lots of attention from mourners. Kathy, who applied for Survivor five times, said the problem she had was being isolated, wet, and bitten by bugs. Was that not what she was expecting?

Ah, island love. Ozzy continued his season of being completely classless by getting a dig in at Jeff, when he said, "You know how these Survivor girls are," (Jeff is dating Julie from Vanuatu) and at Denise, by saying that he lost his job and has to clean toilets now. Not that I really think Jeff Probst has conducted his personal life in a way that merits all that much respect, or that what Denise did was okay, but still. Since Ozzy was too busy being a jackass to give a straight answer, Amanda said they are still together. Also, Mary is now engaged to Ryan from Survivor: Pearl Islands.

The fan favorite finalists, for a $100K prize, were Amanda, Ozzy, and James. James won again. We like him! We really like him!

Jeff didn't want to talk about Jonny Fairplay's appearance on the show, but about the fact that he's in love and has a baby. His little girl is pretty cute. I hope they've started a therapy fund for her.

Tracy is one contestant this season I really liked, and I thought she just got dealt a lousy hand. She never had much of a chance to form a good alliance. We also learned that Mikey B's mom passed away while he was on the show.

Can next season possibly top this season? Yay! We're going back to Africa. Surfing hippos? Sign me up! God, I really hope somebody gets bitten by a monkey. It's also the first season that will be shot in HD. Is that a good idea? Aren't there just some things we don't need to see?

* * *

Amy Kane spends as much quality time with her television as possible, when she's not busy at her day job as a cube dweller.