What2Watch: Grey's Anatomy, Where Everyone Kisses Everyone

I hate to be a "guy" here, but I'm frankly a bit resentful that a two-hour Grey's Anatomy season finale tonight (ABC, 9 PM) is depriving me of Lost. Though, now that I think about it, by pushing the Lost finale back an additional week, I suffer temporary pain now but reduce the length of the pending Lost off-season by a corresponding amount of time. Wow, thanks, Grey's Anatomy!

Back to the issue at hand. Grey's has been promising for a few months now that the end of the season would find Meredith and Derek together at last, no more false starts or angry breakups. I'm still of the believe-it-when-I-see-it stance here; most shows are loath to simply abandon their main recurring plot point. We do know that the clinical trial that Meredith and Derek have collaborated on will finish up, the doctors work to free a kid trapped in a hardening block of cement, and there's apparently one big "surprise" kiss. Hasn't everybody on this show kissed everybody else by now? I can think of literally nothing that could surprise me romantically on this show outside of the characters deciding to stop dating on the job.

Overhaulin' (TLC, 8 PM): The crew works on a 1956 Bel Air that a man has owned since he was in high school, but hasn't had time to restore himself.

So You Think You Can Dance (Fox, 8 PM): The fourth season of the granddaddy of non-celeb dancing shows returns with a two-hour audition episode. It's nice of them to segue immediately from American Idol to this show, as it allows the Idol-obsessed to decompress a little bit, and means we won't have to forgo our Nigel Lythgoe fix.

Ugly Betty (ABC, 8 PM): Consensus seems to be that Season Two was a slight reduction in form, due mostly to the fact that Betty often seemed to be forgotten in her own show. I don't think a parade of stunt guests, and at this stage Lindsay Lohan can't be seen as anything but, is going to help matters. Also tonight, the Mode staff plays charity softball against a team headlined by Naomi Campbell, and Betty weighs requests from both Gio and Henry. Gio is another sore point for many viewers.

Divine Design (HGTV, 9 PM): A family wants more space to live, but their neighbors like them so much they call in the big HGTV guns to help them stay right where they are.

Engineering Connections (National Geographic, 9 PM): Building a skyscraper in an earthquake-prone zone, in this case Taiwan, involves connections to bamboo, sports cars, and a bird cage.

Gangland (History, 9 PM): The Gangster Disciples dominate the Midwest. I'll say; they demand a 10% cut of every "What2Watch" column.

Wedding SOS (Fine Living, 9 PM): Problems with the wedding of the week include an ill-fitting gown, a groom who seems a little bit dim, and a best friend of the bride who goes missing.

Last Comic Standing (NBC, 9:30 PM): Even though nobody has ever been as funny on this show as they are in their regular act, this has turned out to be a good ongoing ad for live comedy, if you ignore the tedious reality show "drama" they manufacture. Auditions feature talent scouts Richard Belzer and Steven Schirripa in New York, and Fred Willard and Kathy Najimy in Tempe, Arizona.

Crime 360 (A&E, 10 PM): What at first appears to be the case of a woman killed after interrupting a burglary in progress turns out to involve some people close to the victim.

House Hunters (HGTV, 10 PM): A couple wants to abandon Manhattan for an untamed wilderness scarcely touched by man. That's right: Long Island.

Miami Ink (TLC, 10 PM): Yoji goes shopping for tight jeans and gets bizarre results; Ami teaches an art class at a children's hospital.

Man Made (National Geographic, 10 PM): Sewers are necessary to civilization, but we don't think about them much. This hour aims to change that. Make sure you load up on cheese fries first.

Phoenix Mars Mission: Ashes to Ice (PBS, 10 PM): The Phoenix mission to Mars launched last fall, meaning it should be getting ready to land. This hour covers the preparations for the launch, and the goal of the mission.

Step It Up and Dance (Bravo, 10 PM): The final five are asked to put their own spin on the video for Rihanna's "Umbrella." If they could also revamp the actual singing, that would really be appreciated.

Tougher In Alaska (History, 10 PM): It takes power to keep people warm in Alaska, and electric company workers battle the elements and the remoteness to keep the state running.

Reno 911! (Comedy Central, 10:30 PM): A heartwarming tribute to the human spirit: the cops reach out to help the pickle-throwing prostitute Jackie, who is dealing with serious illness.

Into America's West With Jeff Corwin (Travel, 11 PM): A look at New Mexico's diverse landscape.