The Ultimate Fighter 7: Rampage Gets Caught in Forrest's Net

This episode of The Ultimate Fighter 7 opened with a recap of the last match between Patrick Schultz and Cale Yarbrough. Dana White explained that had Patrick shown anything in the second round, it would have gone to three. The judges had Patrick winning the first round 10-9, but losing the second 8-10. Patrick then said something to Forrest right after that fight that had Forrest fuming. And when Rampage made the comment that their fight definitely wouldn't be a decision, that was it.

Forrest lost his cool and punched the crap out of the dressing room door. It had a big hole in it. After he'd calmed down, he somehow got hold of a net gun. The best way I can describe it is that it shoots a net similar to a Spider-Man net. He and his team got the bright idea to shoot Rampage with it. I admit that I was worried about that decision. If Rampage took it the wrong way, this could get ugly. Fast.

Rampage had finished training and was sitting alone in a corner of the octagon when Forrest struck. Rampage looked dumbfounded. He couldn't believe that someone shot a net at him. He went on and on about being "netted on national TV." He wasn't angry about it, but he didn't laugh it off, exactly. He did say, with good humor though, that, "This was war."

Oh yeah, there was also a match in this episode. C.B. Dollaway was Rampage's first overall pick and Rampage had high hopes for him. Rampage said that C.B. had the most skills, but he also had the biggest head. In sparring, though, he did make Rampage submit to a move he called the "Peruvian Neck Tie." Nick Klein didn't seem very confident at all, but told Forrest that he would be ready at fight time.

This fight was actually better than I thought it would be. I really thought that Nate would tap out fairly quickly. He managed to hang in there, and get a couple of shots in, but C.B. dominated. Almost the whole first round was spent on the mat. C.B. had a great ground and pound game. The second round looked to be more of the same until C.B. caught Nick in a guillotine choke hold and got him to submit. C.B. did look good, but I saw some holes in his stand-up that might cause him problems in the next round.

A couple of episodes ago, Forrest told Amir that if he won, Amir could cut his hair off, and he finally paid up. It was a crappy haircut, with stairs cut into the side. To add insult to injury, after the ugly cut, Forrest got blasted by Rampage with this humongous Super Soaker gun in retaliation for the netting. Good, we have our two funny coaches back!

Dana, Forrest and Rampage met to determine the quarterfinal matches and asked the fighters who they wanted to match up against. C.B. said that he wanted Cale and that it was personal. Cale had been making snide comments about C.B. in the house and C.B. had had enough. It seemed that quite a few of the guys wanted to fight Cale, actually.

The quarterfinal matches were set as follows:

1.) Jesse vs. Dante

2.) Amir vs. Matt Brown

3.) Dan (Pretty Boy) vs. Tim

... and last, but not least: 4.) C.B. vs. Cale.

C.B. was quite pleased with the match-up. Next week on The Ultimate Fighter 7, the teams will be mixed up and we'll get to see the first two quarterfinal matches. They should be good ones. Can't wait!