Dancing With The Stars: Who's Your Winner?

On last night's Dancing With The Stars, it was do or die time. Each couple performed two routines: a freestyle dance with no rules and a mini cha-cha-cha in an on-floor dance-off. At the end of the evening, I felt there was clearly one winning couple. Now, whether or not they were able to pull in enough viewer votes is another matter altogether.

The cha-cha-cha face-off started the dancing for the evening. Performing to Lionel Richie's "Dancing On The Ceiling," each couple performed thirty-second routines back-to-back on the dance floor to make up an entire routine. Cristian & Cheryl were the first couple to dance and they were really crisp and sexy on the floor. Jason & Edyta danced next and I felt that they were a little sloppy in their movements. Kristi & Mark brought up the rear with some fantastic footwork. Then all of the couples hit the floor to finish the number together.

The judges felt that Kristi & Mark hit their marks perfectly and it showed in their score: a perfect 30. All of the judges also agreed when it came to Jason & Edyta's routine in that it was a little off: they were given triple eights. Cristian & Cheryl, with their great rhythm, landed in the middle of the scores with a 26.

In the freestyle round, Kristi & Mark were the first to dance. Their semi hip-hop number wowed me and especially wowed the judges. And that includes Len who doesn't particularly care for hip-hop! Bruno told Kristi that she's worthy of the championship; Carrie Ann said they had every type of move imaginable in their routine and she loved it; and Len said their dance held his attention from start to finish. Would they get another perfect score this evening? Absolutely! With a total of 60 for the night, the other couples really would have their work cut out for them.

Dancing to Will Smith's "Miami," Jason & Edyta tried their best to outperform Kristi & Mark but fell just short. It was a fun routine that lacked the previous couple's high energy but did outshine them in several of their lifts. The judges praised their funky dance and great lifts, but they only wound up with triple nines leaving them with a 51 out of 60 on the evening.

Cristian & Cheryl danced to their strengths and broke out a fun little Latin number. That meant the sparkly arm brace made yet another appearance along with his confidence. I was very impressed with how well he did when it especially came to the lifts -- he lifted Cheryl up several times with just his right arm. The judges weren't as impressed as I was though and told them that their lifts weren't up to standards of the other couples because of his arm. Carrie Ann even told them that she didn't think they would beat Kristi & Mark but that she considered Cristian a winner for continuing on in the competition with his injury. Cristian & Cheryl managed to eek out a 26, which when combined with their previous score brought them to a 52 out of a 60 for the night.

Tonight we will all find out who this season's champions will be in a two-hour finale beginning at 9:00 PM (ET). In the first hour, there will be plenty of dancing as the final three couples will be given one more chance to impress the judges. They will be performing their favorite routine of the season and those scores will be combined with their scores last night. The judges' scores will still only count for 50 percent of the final score though with the viewers' votes making up the other half. The ballroom kids champion will be crowned tonight as well, and all the dancers from this season will come back for two performances from Usher.

Who do you think will be walking away with the mirror ball trophy tonight? I'm hoping it's Kristi because I would really love to see another woman win the championship. But I wonder if Jason or Cristian will have the advantage when it comes to the viewers' votes? Either way, I can't wait to find out tonight!


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