Samantha Who? Wrapped Season One Last Night

Samantha Who? is my favorite new comedy from this season. (In fact, it's the only one I liked at all.) I'm apparently not alone, as the show has gotten good enough ratings to be bona fide hit, probably due in part to a Dancing With the Stars lead-in.

The second half of the first season focused on Sam's will-they-or-won't-they relationship with ex-boyfriend Todd. Well, in last week's episode, they did. At first Sam was enjoying the thrill of sneaking around behind the back of Todd's new girlfriend, Chloe, but then she realized that illicit affairs were Bad Sam's thing, and that she wanted them to be together for real. Todd agreed to break up with Chloe.

As the season finale opened, Todd told Sam he wanted to be with her on her birthday, which she had no idea was coming up. He seemed to be dragging his feet about the break-up. Boys. When he finally did, Chloe cried on Sam's shoulder and revealed that she was with Todd before he officially broke up with Sam. Apparently, he has a pattern of lining up the next girl before letting go of the current one. Boys. It ended with Sam deciding there's too much baggage in her history with Todd, who showed up later at her party and pretended they'd never met, leaving an opening for them to start fresh in season two. Aw. Boys.

* * *

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