Lost's Season Finale Is Magnificently Maddening

Oh my gosh, so many questions! And so few answers! And now we have to wait till when to get some satisfaction? There'll be snow on the ground the next time we see an episode of Lost, I bet. Damn! (And we won't get any answers then either, but at least we can always hope that we will...)

What's with Jack's father wandering around, showing up on the freighter like that to tell Michael he can go? (Does that mean Michael didn't get exploded along with the boat? If not, where is he? Blasted into another dimension?) Is Claire's ghost now wandering -- even though she's not dead (or is she?) -- or did Kate really just dream her in the future?

I so knew the boat was gonna blow up, but I guess that didn't require so much psychic ability, not with all that C4 just sitting there desperate to explode. But I'll take credit for calling Jin's taking on Widmore. Now we just need to know what the hell she thinks she can accomplish with that. Is she worrying about everyone left behind on the island, or does she think Jin is not beyond rescue? Anything seems to be possible on this show, so, you know, maybe Jack's father raptured everyone off the freighter or something...

Something else I've been getting an ominous feeling about over the most recent episodes: Sawyer's days are numbered. Like I said a few weeks ago, if they kill off Sawyer, I'll be leading the riot... and I thought for a minute there I was gonna have to start planning that riot today. But Sawyer survived his jump from the helicopter -- whew! But what does he say to Kate before he jumps off the helicopter? Obviously it's about the chore that she went out late one night to do for him, but what was it? Another question: If Sawyer could lose his shirt as he swam back to the beach, why couldn't he lose his jeans, too? They certainly would have weighed him down a lot more than that flimsy shirt did...

Why is it so cold in that chamber where Ben goes to move the island? Is it someplace actually not on the island? Did his blowing up the little transporter room with all the metal stuff open a wormhole behind it into another place?

Oh, and hey, if there's one time-traveling bunny with the number 15 painted on it, does that mean there are five others with the numbers 4, 8, 16, 23, and 42 painted on them? And why does the Orchid station and the big clunky elevator and all the rusty stuff make me think of the old computer game Mist? Remember that one, where you wandered alone around an abandoned island and had to pull levers and push buttons to make stuff happen and solve mysteries? Maybe the Oceanic 815 survivors are just playing a big game? Like how Hurley is playing chess Mr. Ecko's ghost?

Why is John Locke now Jeremy Bentham? Wasn't it enough that we had to interpret his character through the philosophies of one dead famous writer? Now we need another dead famous writer with some opposing ideas to sift through?

Who says we have no attention span anymore? I'm smart, and I can't keep up with all the layers and looping going on here. Maybe it's a good thing that my brain is getting a break from this show for a few months...


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