Britney's Second Pass at How I Met Your Mother

Once upon a time, Britney Spears used to be the go-to girl for repeat success, with a string of hit albums. But lately, it's seemed like she couldn't do anything right; her marriages, her barefoot trips to sketchy public bathrooms, her inability to safely rear children, and the disastrous VMA performance garnered nothing but criticism. (Deservedly so, in my opinion.)

Nevertheless, it was refreshing to see her actually do a good job in her guest spot on How I Met Your Mother. In fact, she did such a good job (or at least boosted ratings enough) that they decided to bring her back. In last night's episode, her character teamed up with Barney to teach Ted a lesson by pretending to be in a sickeningly cute relationship.

Again, she did just fine. I'm not sure she was quite as funny this time as the first episode, though. When Barney took the fake relationship joke a little bit too far and proposed, she switched her loony fixation from Ted to Barney. Barney pawned her back off on Ted at the end of the episode, leaving things open for her to come back as a recurring character, alternately stalking both Barney and Ted. This is a smart comeback move for Britney, but I can't help but see the irony in the fact the one thing in years that she's been a hit with is playing a slightly-imbalanced, not particularly bright character.

* * *

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