The Mole, TV's Most Mindful Reality Program, Returns!

I'm so excited! It's been four, long years, but The Mole is back! On Monday night twelve players will embark on a mission all over the world and there is one question that will win them the money: Who is The Mole? This is one of the "smartest" reality shows of all time: stupidity will get you executed very quickly.

There were two seasons of the original The Mole with Anderson Cooper as the host. The last two seasons were the spin-off version, Celebrity Mole, with Ahmad Rashad as host. Most purists don't count the celebrity seasons, but I enjoyed them. Who'd have guessed that Dennis Rodman was actually intelligent?

The host of this season is Jon Kelley, who was a respected sports anchor and used to co-host Extra's weekend edition. The personality of the host is almost as important as the game itself, so I hope he can hold his own. He's got big shoes to fill in the case of Anderson Cooper. I also love the diversity of the cast. These people are not your stereotypical reality show participants.

The contestants range from Ali, the 24-year-old model who thinks she'll win by using her beauty, to Liz, the 60-year-old retiree who will use her experience to win. There is Clay, the trial attorney; Nicole, the OB-GYN doctor; and Kristin, the neuroscientist with a PhD. There is also a musician, a graphic designer, a high-school history teacher, a retail manager, a restaurant manager, a utility worker and a stay-at-home mom. Which one of these people is The Mole?

There are ten episodes, each one with a mission. Your normal instinct would be to work together to accomplish the mission, but one of the players will be sabotaging it. Trust no one. Be vigilant; watch everyone. If you think someone is The Mole, learn as much as you can about them. It could save your game life. At the end of each episode, everyone takes a quiz and the person who knows the least, or guesses the worst, is "executed."

Part of the fun is that the viewers are as much in the dark as the contestants. All over the Web, you'll find discussion boards buzzing over the clues. The website itself has a community section. You can sign up for one or two clues per week by text message on your cell phone by texting "themole" to 22288. The first clue has already been sent. It is: Ep. 1 Clue: NIC@IT. What does that mean? Is it singling out Nicole? Does The Mole have a nicotine addiction? Is it a scrambled letters clue?

The first quiz has been posted already; the questions are:

Question 1: Is The Mole male or female?

Question 2: When did The Mole jump in the "Over the Falls" mission?

Question 3: During the "Crusoe" mission, which group did The Mole join?

Question 4: On the first night, where was The Mole assigned to sleep?

Question 5: As it's written on The Mole's bag, does The Mole have an even or odd number of letters in their name?

Question 6: What is The Mole's age?

Question 7: In "Over The Falls," what was the outcome of The Mole's jump?

Question 8: Did The Mole drive one of the vans to the beach?

Question 9: At the start of the "Crusoe" mission, was The Mole wearing a hat?

Question 10: Who is The Mole?

And that is the question. Who is The Mole? Will you be tuning in Monday night to begin the game? I will!

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