I'm Going to Rename the Hamsters to Fish

Posted by Ladytex

Flip-flop, flip-flop. That’s the sound that Adam and Ryan have been making the past couple of days in the Big Brother 9 house. Picture a fish in this space. It’s just gotten pulled out of the water and is lying on the deck. It’s flipping and flopping from one side to the other. Now put Adam’s and Ryan’s face on that fish. Now I could end this posting right here and you’d get it.

Seriously, y’all, I’m so confused! On Sunday I thought they would vote to keep Sharon, then late Sunday night, I got the impression that Natalie would be staying. All day yesterday I was pretty much convinced that Natalie would be staying. Ryan and Adam even went to pretty much tell Sheila that they’d decided to keep Natalie, for loyalty reasons.

That’s a different story. I’ve seen Sheila and Adam go at each other before, but last night they took it to a new level. There were lies, betrayals, tears and then Adam called her a "f-ing b-word" and then she kicked him out. Sheila felt that they were being disloyal to her by being loyal to Natalie. She wasn’t doing a very good job of getting that point across in a mature manner, if you get my drift here. Adam had enough and blew up. I do have to wonder, though, how much was real, and how much was for show.

After the boys left the Head of Household room, I knew it was over for Sharon. I packed my stuff up, got ready to shut down my computer, finished rolling my hair and was going to call it a night. Sharon was D-U-N, done.

But wait… somewhere between Ryan lying to Sharon in the Storage Room about his vote and me turning Big Brother After Dark off, Ryan and Adam began talking in their bedroom again. And I heard something about giving Sheila what she wanted, a split vote. Hey! Wait a minute! So now we’ve gone from 2-0 for Sharon to stay, to 2-0 for Natalie to stay, to 1-1 and Sheila having to break the tie.

Dang on it! I had to get up and go to work less than 4 hours from this point and I debated whether or not to just stay up and tough it out. I stayed up a little while longer and other than Natalie praying and thanking her deity for keeping her safe this week, nothing else happened. I finally had to go to bed. This Big Brother addiction of mine is not healthy, I'm sure.

Well, when I got up this morning, I checked a couple of sites and found out that, at least for right now, the plan is still to split the vote. They’ve got all day today to flop some more until that poor fish is put out of his misery. Wouldn’t it be amusing to see the two of them on the block in less than 48 hours? But that’s a different kettle of fish, isn’t it?

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