Anfraks! Thrasher Scott Ian Blogs BSG

Scott Ian is the official blogger for the final season of Battlestar Galactica.

Who is Scott Ian?

Let me rephrase. Frakkin' Scott Ian, the man who lent headbanger cred to the shaved-head-and-long-goatee look so popular in the '90s, is blogging about BSG.

Who is Scott Ian?

Frak you, you don't know who Scott Ian is. Don't you know he's the man? He's so bad, he should be in detention.

For more than two decades, Ian's been a thrash guitarist for the metal band Anthrax, an outfit that by its very composition, represented the bridge between hardcore punk and its hair-metal brethren.

And if expanding the genre that far wasn't enough, Anthrax were the advanced guard of the rap core movement, releasing "I'm the Man," their answer to the Beastie Boys and then collaborating with Public Enemy on "Bring the Noise." Eat that, Deftones.

On top of that, Ian won last year's "VH1 Rock 'n Roll Celebrity Poker Tournament."

I first encountered Anthrax on, of all things, Married with Children. The whole band guest-starred, and eventually died (I think) from eating some sort of green sludge that had been in the fridge so long it had evolved into a radioactive life form.

"If it was in the refrigerator, why is it warm?"

That line, if I'm remembering correctly (probably not) was issued by Ian himself and it's haunted me for nearly 20 years. I don't know why. It just sends a shiver down my back.

A couple years later, as I entered my teens, I found myself craving hard music, hard guitars, hard drums, speed and screaming; Ricky Rachtman became my new best MTV friend. I wanted to one-up my friend Matt, who had discovered Metallica before I had. So, I got into Anthrax. I even bought a T-shirt that my parents wouldn't allow me to wear to school.

After graduating from junior high, I forgot about Anthrax. What can I say? Korn hit the scene. I only thought about them again in 2001, when the news was all ga-ga over the suspected anthrax packets being mailed to US Congressmen. After all those years of listening to "Belly of the Beast" I realized I'd never actually known what "anthrax" actually was.

I digress. As it turns out, Ian's not only a veteran of the metal revolution, but he's a sci-fi fan-boy and a pretty decent writer. He's blogging each episode (except Friday's will be late because he's in Costa Rica, lucky bastard) and should feature guests who know more about what's going on behind the scenes. And with posts titled "Drop your dicks and grab your sticks!!" it's pretty clear that they've given him a long leash.

Ian's blog replaces executive producer and creator Ron Moore's blog, which hasn't been updated since last summer. To tell you the truth, I actually prefer to hear from someone who doesn't know what's going on behind the scenes; it means he makes predictions and interpretations I don't always agree with. Now if only they would activate comments, so I can tell him as much.

But if they do, I'll have to resist gushing. I just realized that I'm nearly as much of a Scott Ian fanboy as I am a Battlestar geek. Frak me.