American Idol: B'gosh & Begorrah, Carly's Cut!

It's official. American Idol viewers are clearly voting for their favorite singers, NOT the best singers on a weekly basis.

Two weeks ago, Michael Johns was eliminated in a shocker, despite a good performance and having significantly improved over the previous several weeks.

Last week, a much maligned Kristy Lee Cook got the boot when she was clearly not the worst of the lot.

Now, it's Carly Smithson who is bidding adieu to Idol, when she was arguably the BEST singer of the night Tuesday.

Am I surprised? No.

Am I sad? Not really.

Am I disappointed? You bet.

I'm not surprised because I realize that people will have a tendency to vote for their favorite singer no matter how well or how poorly they perform. They've always done this and always will. It's why Sanjaya survived for so long during last season.

I'm not sad because, frankly, I don't personally care that Carly is leaving. I wasn't that big a fan. No, it didn't bother me when we learned that Carly had a previous record deal. (Unlike some critics who thought that should have disqualified her.) But ever since she stepped up to the microphone, Carly was anointed as "the girl to beat," especially by Simon. I just don't think she ever lived up to that distinction. Sure, she had a few good weeks here and there, but she had some real stinkers too.

So, I'm not surprised and I'm not sad, but I am disappointed. Why? Because, just like Kristy Lee Cook last week and Michael Johns the week before, Carly did not deserve this.

Let's be honest. Jason Castro was quite clearly the worst singer this week. By far. Really, really far.

A lot of people had money riding on Brooke White to say goodbye after she forgot the lyrics to her song. I thought it was probably a fatal blunder, and even Brooke herself looked flabbergasted when Ryan told her she was safe. But her supporters came through and, as a fan, I'm glad she's still in the competition. I like Brooke and think she could go all the way.

As if Carly's elimination isn't proof enough, the fact that Syesha Mercado was also in the bottom two this week is testament that viewers are not voting based on performance. Syesha was terrific on Tuesday night and should have garnered enough votes to keep her out of the bottom bunch, but somehow fell short.

Both David Cook

and David Archuleta were safe, as they should have been. Unless you agree with me that David Cook seemed to be slightly mocking the whole Broadway genre with a somewhat melodramatic performance that bordered on the likes of an SNL skit.

So the luck of the Irish apparently has run out. Carly must say goodbye, and another good singer bites the dust. Not really though. She'll almost certainly get a (second) record deal out of all this, and she will still tour with the top ten Idols this summer.

Speaking of the summer tour, A.I. announced the cities and dates. You can see a list on their website.

A few other Idol notes:

The group started the show by performing another Andrew Lloyd Webber song, reminding me (and everyone?) that this was quite possibly the most boring week of the season.

Sorry Andrew :(

Wow! The trailer for Hancock looks great. Read the review and watch the trailer here.

We got to see a bunch of former Idols who are now performing on Broadway, including Clay Aiken. Yawn. Am I missing anything good on Deal or No Deal?

Simon's new "discovery," Leona Lewis, performed. Yawn. Am I missing anything good on Criminal Minds? Actually, she was pretty good. Except Ryan and Simon kept saying how she's a chart topping singer in the U.K. and the U.S. and every country in between, but somehow I've never heard of her.

After watching Jason Castro, I'm convinced he's ... well ... let's just call him a "partier." Mind you, I can't officially accuse him of being a drug user. I have no evidence and it might get me in some legal trouble. For example, if I wrote that Jason was stoned, stupefied, baked, or high as a freaking kite on Wednesday night's show, that could lead to some kind of libel lawsuit. So, I definitely will not write that. Instead I will let viewers judge for themselves what influences Jason may or may not have been under.

No viewer calls this week. Thank goodness. Maybe FOX has wised up and dumped this dismal part of the show for good.

So, now it's down to just five Idols. If we haven't figured it out by now, anything, and I mean anything can happen. I think Jason, Syesha and Brooke need to step up their games, but David A. and David C. aren't immune by any means. See you next week.

Ethan Morris: "Not always right, but never in doubt." Go ahead and write me.