Sex And The City Preview Review: Season One

The countdown has begun! We are now only six weeks away from the premiere of the Sex and The City movie! Will Carrie marry Big? Will Miranda's marriage to Steve survive? Will motherhood turn out to be everything Charlotte dreamed of? Will Samantha hook up with an even younger, hotter guy than Smith? We'll find out on May 30. But for now, some of you might be asking a more basic question: who the heck are all these people?

For the uninitiated, or the merely forgetful, I'll be bringing you a season-by-season recap of the entire Sex and The City TV series over the next six weeks, pointing out the important plotlines, hookups, and fabulous fashions that made this show so iconic.

Here's everything you need to know about season one:

The Characters:

We meet four single, 30-something girlfriends living in Manhattan: Carrie Bradshaw, a self-described "sexual philanthropist" who writes a newspaper column called "Sex and The City"; Miranda Hobbes, a high-powered attorney with a cynical outlook on love and an abrasive attitude towards men; Charlotte York, a WASPy art dealer dying to get married; and Samantha Jones, the oldest of the gang, and the completely sexually uninhibited owner of a PR firm.

The Plot:

While conducting research for a column on women who have sex like men (i.e. with no emotional strings attached) Carrie literally bumps into a handsome, mysterious man on the sidewalk, who helps her pick up the lipstick and condoms that fell out of her purse. After running into him again at a party, Carrie learns from Samantha that he's a business tycoon who many are dubbing the next Donald Trump (only younger and MUCH more attractive). The girls dub him "Mr. Big" and Samantha goes in for the kill.

But Mr. Big rejects the advances of the overly aggressive Samantha, and later offers Carrie a ride home in his limo instead. After a few more run-ins, they finally attempt to go on a date (which Mr. Big calls "a drink thing"), but the timing never works out. Carrie can't tell if Mr. Big really likes her or is just playing games (a question that will come to define their relationship). When they finally do meet up for a date, it begins in Big's bed and ends with Chinese food. They begin a monogamous relationship, but Carrie’s neurotic nature and Big’s lone wolf lifestyle prove to be incompatible. Carrie dumps him on the sidewalk in front of her apartment building just as they are about to leave for a romantic island getaway.

Meanwhile, Miranda spends the season toying with the heart of lovesick, younger guy Skipper; Charlotte grapples with how to fulfill the sexual desires of her various boyfriends without losing her integrity, or chance of getting married; and Samantha has sex with a variety or rich, attractive men. But things look like they may change for Samantha when she falls for James. Samantha thinks she’s finally found the man of her dreams, until she discovers that he doesn’t have what it takes to satisfy her in bed.

Best Hookup:

In terms of chemistry, charm, and style, it’s impossible to top Mr. Big, but Carrie also spends a memorable (albeit G-rated) night with lonely underwear model Derek.

Fashion Highlight:

The "naked dress" Carrie wears on her bus ad photo shoot, as well as on her first date with Mr. Big.

Best Quote:

Carrie: "Have you ever been in love?" Mr. Big: "Absof***inglutely."

Coming next week in the recap of season two: More Mr. Big, and Miranda meets Steve Brady!