Dancing With the Stars: One Bad Performance and You Could Be Gone

Last night's Dancing With the Stars elimination show was disappointing to me. I miss the Macy's Stars of Dance performances. That was one of my favorite parts of the show. The kiddie contest just doesn't do it for me. If I'm going to tune in for 58 minutes before you tell me who is eliminated, you'd darned sure better entertain me. They didn't really do that last night.

The show started with a recap of "The Sexiest Night of Dancing Yet." We saw Kristi shed her inhibitions for a pretty sexy rumba, and Bruno told Jason that he had the look of a Love God. Okay, I did roll my eyes at that one, even though I do think he's sexy. Mario had a great samba; he rebounded quite nicely from last week. And I loved Marissa's samba, even though the judges only gave her 8s.

I thought Christian & Cheryl had a lot of chemistry, but the judges disagreed. Where I did agree with them was on Marlee & Fabian and Priscilla & Louis, at least on the comments. I still think they are overscoring Marlee because of her disability. She totally screwed up last night and wasn't even at the bottom of the Leaderboard. I'd love to see Shannon get some one-on-one training with Edyta. They have similar builds, and I bet Edyta could really teach Shannon how to loosen up and use what her mama gave her.

Anyway, Kristi & Mark got the encore performance and I think they did better last night than they did the night before, if that's possible. The band Ozomatli performed with eight of the professional dancers. I thought it interesting that I could name the male dancers, but could only tell you who was missing from the women. They looked like they had a great time.

Before the ballroom kids danced, Kristi & Mark were told that they were safe and Christian & Cheryl were told that they were in the bottom two. This week the kids were in the Under 10 category. They looked, talked, and carried themselves like little adults. There was something disturbing about watching little eight-year-old Cara and her hip action. She and her partner, Jaryd, won tonight and will be back on another occasion.

Jason & Edyta were declared safe before James Blunt sang while some World Champion dancers danced. Then, finally, the rest of the results were given. Mario & Karina, Marissa & Tony, Shannon & Derek, and Marlee & Fabian were told that they were safe. That left Priscilla & Louis to join Christian & Cheryl in the bottom two.

Priscilla & Louis were eliminated. In their final statements, Priscilla had to make a point of telling the audience that she does not have a psychic hotline. I thought it took me a while to realize that their little filler piece on April 1st was an April Fool's Joke. Obviously, there were some people that still didn't get it. Oh, my.

Next week will be another tough week on Dancing With the Stars. One bad performance could cost the Stars the trophy, like it did for Priscilla last night. Will Kristi continue to outpace the rest of the pack? Will anyone come close? I guess we'll have to watch next week to find out. Until then...