4/13 Recap: The Show And Natalie's Hair

Posted by HamsterDame

I watched Big Brother tonight while watching Natalie coloring her hair on the feeds. It was quite the experience I must say. Would she be bald by the time I finished the write-up on the show or would she look absolutely fabulous? I'll let you know my opinion at the end of this post.

Tonight's show began by continuing the endurance HOH competition that ended Wednesday's show. Ryan, Sheila, Sharon, and Natalie were in glass boxes suspended over the backyard and had to try to afix themselves as well as they could to the box to keep from falling out of the bottom. As we know from watching the live feeds, Sharon was the first to drop. After a measly 8 minutes, Sharon gave up blaming her back problems. Has anybody else heard Sharon complaining on the feeds about her back since that evening? Regardless, she dropped because she basically knew she was going to be nominated no matter what. It was interesting to see Adam carry her off though because we didn't get to see that on the feeds. I say interesting but I really mean hilarious.

After Ryan developed scabs, oh he meant to say blisters, he was getting ready to hang in the towel. But not until Natalie and himself could confer with Sheila whilst the nominees apparent were inside the house. Sheila wanted to win HOH to see pictures from her family (and to get rid of Natalie). Natalie didn't want to give up because she didn't want to be put on the block. Ryan didn't want to give up for the same reason. He certainly didn't want to be up on the block. Sheila assured both of them that they wouldn't be nominated and they eventually dropped leaving Sheila the new Head of Household. It only took 3 hours and 9 minutes.

Then it was time for the sweet little segment of Sheila getting her HOH room. Ryan read Mick's part of the letter to Sheila and everybody else and then Sheila took over the reading. Everybody checked out the pics on her wall and Adam even said that he wished the 25-year-old Sheila was in the house instead of "that thing". Such a sweet man!

Adam then got a massage from Sheila (who said she would like to see herself standing next to him in the end), Sheila/Adam/Sharon plotted in the HOH room to get rid of Natalie, and Sheila admitted to wanting a combination of Dr. Will and Evel Dick as her man. It would be really hot! Of couse, Big Brother did us the favor of morphing Will and Dick's pictures and it was oh so sexy! Not! It was one of those train wreck moments, I wanted to look away but I couldn't. Big Brother, do not ever do that to me again! I hope my nightmares won't be too bad tonight.

Later, Sheila told Ryan that her biggest threat is Natalie and that she wants her out of the house. But she's not going to nominate her. Sheila will be nominating Sharon and Adam. Sheila wants Ryan's word though that if he wins POV he'll take Baller off the block. Ryan agrees to do that and then it was Adam's turn to talk to the Big She. Adam's stressed about being put up but Sheila assured him that he'll be fine. When Natalie went up to talk to Sheila, she straight out asked if she was going to be nominated. Sheila told her she wouldn't but then told us later that their agreement during the HOH competition didn't involve being backdoored (her words and not mine -- I know how you guys get bent out of shape about that term).

So it was no surprise at all then that Sharon and Adam were indeed nominated for eviction. Sheila said she nominated Adam because he nominated her last week yet it wasn't revenge on her part. She just had to do this because it's a game. To Sharon, she said she loved her and wished her good luck in the Power of Veto competition.

Adam's reaction in the diary room to being nominated was that he hoped this plan to get Natalie out works. Sharon said she planned on continuing to lay low and hoped that Natalie would be walking out the door next. Natalie said that she was happy Sheila kept her word. Oh, and she'd done a lot of work to keep Team Christ together and was happy that they were all still there. Sheila told us that Natalie is still her real target. New Sheila is going to show everybody what she's capable of doing. New Sheila plans on knocking Natalie out of the house and won't even think twice about doing so.

Things are really beginning to get confiscated, I mean complicated, in the house aren't they? They're also gonna start getting really dirty. We'll find out about some of that on Tuesday though.

I told you I would give you an update on Natalie's hair at the end of this post. She finally completed foiling her hair and even though she had chemicals on it for over three hours, most of it still looks to be in her head after a shower and a blow dry and a flat iron. It looks really nice right now but then those special conditioners that come with the hair coloring kits work wonders. I hope her hair looks as lovely in a few days. It wouldn't be a good publicity move to have a hamster go bald in the Big Brother house. Ya think?

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