Adam's Off And Natalie's On

Posted by HamsterDame

The POV ceremony is over and Sheila did indeed keep her word to Ryan. After Adam used the POV on himself, Sheila put Natalie up on the block.

The boys are absolutely thrilled at this. Adam and Ryan have been stroking Sheila any number of ways since after the POV competition to ensure that Ryan's wasn't going to be put on block in Adam's place. Natalie this. Natalie that. Sheila has been all about getting Natalie out anyway since watching that footage of the flour dump on the live show. Let's just say that Sheila wasn't too thrilled to see Natalie laughing about it on the footage when Natalie had been telling her all along that she didn't laugh.

But let's get back to the boys. They have all of the power in the house at the moment and are a serious threat to take the top two spots in the end game. I can't say that I've noticed any chinks in their armor since banding together and it's a very real possibility that they'll be voting Sharon out instead of Natalie this week. Can you imagine how pissed off Sheila will be if Sharon is voted out this week?

So what do you think is likely to happen between now and Wednesday's live show? Will the boys vote out Sharon or Natalie? Do you think they might make it a tie vote and force Sheila to break it? Let me know!

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