Desperate Housewives Return With Secrets

Last night's episode of Desperate Housewives, although called "Sunday," seemed to have the theme of "Secrets." Katherine has a secret; Carlos has a secret; and Lynette sets out to discover the secret of Faith. Katherine's secret has something to do with her ex-husband, and her daughter, Dylan, is determined to find out what it is. Carlos has yet to tell Gaby that his blindness may be permanent, and Lynette's travails have led her to try to find the meaning of life.

Although Katherine thought that she destroyed her aunt's note, Dylan recovered a few pieces of it. Katherine mentally reviewed her abusive first marriage, then went out into the woods and cried near a crude grave marked with a cross fashioned out of rocks. All Dylan can make out of the note was a sentence about her father being murdered. She tried to see Adam to get the truth, but was only able to leave him a voice mail.

Gaby was making plans to be remarried to Carlos. Her Catholic priest was appalled that she was planning a wedding so soon after Victor's death. The priest remarried them in the hospital after Carlos lied and told Gaby that his sight should return in three or four months.

Susan's cute cousin Tim has come to stay for awhile and is doing her taxes. He lost his job because his boss found out that Tim was sleeping with his 18-year-old daughter. Tim had visited Susan before when he was sixteen and met Katherine and Dylan then. Susan began to freak when Tim looked to be making eyes at Dylan knowing that Dylan would be eighteen the following week. She later interrupted him with a task when she caught him outside talking to Dylan.

Lynette wanted the family to begin going to church. Lynette asked Bree if they could follow them to her church and she agreed. Bree later regretted it when she was embarrassed by Lynette raising her hand and asking the priest questions during the service. Bree later told Lynette that church was a place for answers, not questions, but was corrected on that by her priest. Bree and Lynette had a great discussion on faith and selflessness. "Pious" Bree was humbled by "Godless" Lynette and after an apology from Bree, they seem to be forming an even stronger friendship.

When Adam got Dylan's message, he went to Katherine. She got him to agree to lie to Dylan about the note and what he knew. She tried to get him to come back home, but he told her that after he gave her the final alibi, he was done.

Edie got the nurse on Carlos' ward to tell her his diagnosis. She saw Gaby and taunted her with that knowledge. When Gaby got Carlos home, she basically tortured him by putting things in his path until he finally admitted to her the truth. They kissed and made up.

Susan was visiting Mike when she called home to talk to Tim. She realized that he was in bed with someone and rushed home, thinking it was Dylan. But, surprise, he was in bed with Katherine! They'd first slept together when he was sixteen, on his first visit. Tim later told Susan how he took flowers to Katherine the last night of his first visit. She didn't answer the door, but he heard raised voices. When he looked into the window, he saw Katherine in a fight with a man and he saw her hit that man upside the head with a candlestick. That got Susan to thinking.

Next week on Desperate Housewives, Bree and Katherine work on a black tie event and Rich, the chef fired by the Scavo's, is back.