Princess Diana T-Shirts Causing Controversy

Would you wear this shirt? It has Princess Diana's face on it, with the words "She's Dead. So Get Over It" printed across the front.

It's been on sale for a week and it's causing quite the controversy.

Personally, I think it's ridiculous and unnecessary. And this is coming from someone who calls herself the Evil Beet.

I mean, a few months after Titanic came out, this girl came to school wearing a shirt that said "The Ship Sunk. Get Over It." And it was pretty much the funniest thing in the world.

This? Is not funny.

But it's on sale for $49.95. Jesus! That's a lot of money for a t-shirt that isn't even very witty.

I went to Target today to buy an alarm clock and, in typical Target style, left $330 later. It happens every time I go to Target. I need to start including "Target disaster" in my monthly budget. But, like, for $330, I left with like five bags full of stuff. I got three dresses, two "sleepwear gowns" that I plan to wear as normal dresses, three pairs of shorts, a sweater, six polo shirts, two tank tops, a laundry bag, two pairs of underwear, a pair of shoes, scissors, eyebrow tweezers, pens, two notebooks, a blow-dryer, 18 clothes hangers and -- you guessed it -- an alarm clock.

And you're telling me to spend $49.95 on your stupid t-shirt???

I think not.

The Evil Beet

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