4/15 Recap: An Epic Battle Looming?

Posted by HamsterDame

Talk about setting things up! Tonight's Big Brother was all about the war being waged between Sheila, the current HOH, and Natalie, the lone female member of Team Christ. Good vs bad? Old vs young? Smart vs stupid? Hairy vs shaved? Either way, it's definitely a war.

Natalie is Sheila's real target to be evicted from the house this week so to accomplish that she nominated Adam and Sharon. Sheila wants to be this daring mastermind in the whole scheme of things. Of course, Adam wasn't too thrilled being put on the block and freaked out after being nominated. Sharon, on the other hand, was used to all of this and believed she would be safe for yet another week. Natalie? Well she admitted in the diary room to playing both sides (Girl Power and Team Christ) and feels safe herself this week. We all knew that already but it was still nice to finally see Big Brother let it go out over the airwaves.

Even though tonight's show was rather unusually focused, it didn't come across as boring at all. We had Sheila stressing to Adam over and over that he would be safe this week if he didn't come off the block. We also had Sheila telling us that she wanted to go to the end with Adam. No, not that end! She meant the end of the game. Ya know, it was really nice to see some good diary room segments tonight. Oops! I'm getting off topic already.

After Adam tossed Natalie out of the Team Christ alliance and called her a Judas in front of everybody except her, we saw him sit down to play a little game of chess with Ryan. What is that? Oh my! Ryan noticed on the TV screen that the Power of Veto competition would be that night! After calling the girls out of the HOH room so that they could come down and read the notice for themselves, it was awwwnnnn!

The Power of Veto competition involved 9 squares and 9 remote controls in the backyard. The 9 squares made up a giant TV screen and the 9 remote controls were placed on a coffee table in front of a cushy couch. There were two puzzles that could be put together but only one of them was the correct one. The right one used all 9 squares and were made up of the houseguest's physical attributes being morphed with the guinea pigs. The wrong one used only 8 squares and involved the houseguest's heads being put on Evel Dick's body. Ewww! The person that correctly put together the guinea pigs puzzle together in the least amount of time would win the POV.

Natalie was the first one out of the gate and started working on the wrong puzzle. She wasn't the only one though. Sharon, Ryan, and Sheila all made the same mistake. Adam spent a little time in the beginning getting his remotes lined up (which is what I would have done) and then proceeded to kick some ass. Without even knowing his time (or the results from the feeds), you could tell he did great just because of the lack of footage they had on him for the competition. They had tons of footage for Sheila though. They even played a loopty (my own word) musical arrangement for her because she kept guessing wrong. The part that bothered me the most about all of this was Sheila talking about how much she was distracted by Evel Dick's body. She wasn't wanting to go vomit mind you, she was physically turned on. Could somebody please pass me a puke bucket? Thanks!

Adam won the POV competition by beating out Sharon (only 96 seconds behind him). Ryan came in third place while Natalie and Sheila brought up the rear. Sheila took over fifteen minutes but I thought it was rather shocking that our Big Brother artist and puzzle extraordinaire took over twelve minutes. I loved it though. So did the Big Brother editing team because they played the "Superman" theme on the show for when Adam came back into the house with his medal of gold.

We then spent awhile watching more good battling evil in the house. Sheila told Ryan he wouldn't be going up and that Natalie would be going home this week all while Sharon cackled like a witch at these developments. Natalie discussed with her Team Christ how she'd always prayed about getting "stuff" and that now she's getting it because He wanted her to go on TV and be herself. Oh, and when Sheila's quiet she's talking smack about her. It was a lovely little fraction of a moment Big Brother showed though when they put up Sheila talking behind her cup. I literally laughed out loud.

Natalie's worried about seeing Sharon with Sheila all the time. Sheila tells Natalie not to worry about it because Sharon's not talking smack about her. Oh but Sheila, you certainly are! But then, Natalie didn't ask about that. After Natalie told Sheila that people want to get rid of herself because she's the biggest threat, Sheila poo-pooed her and told her everything would be all right. Sheila then admitted in the diary room that she felt bad lying to Natalie's face but hey, she knows Natalie's done the same to her. And then, Big Brother showed us Natalie saying that she knows Team Christ will keep her this week. So hilarious! And we haven't even seen the POV ceremony yet.

After the odd insertion of Sheila's birthday party celebrations into the mix (which focused solely on her mother and not her son or sister), it was back to game smack. Sharon planted the seed about Natalie's master plan of everybody wanting to keep her, Sharon, until the end because she knew she'd win against her and her max of three votes. After talking it over with Ryan and getting chewed out by Sheila, the boys decided to just chill and wait until after the POV ceremony so that Ryan would be safe and the boys could run their game on the house.

Skipping ahead, blah blah blah, Sheila threatens Adam if he makes it a tie with Natalie on the block, fast forward a little, ah there it was. Finally, it was time for the POV ceremony.

Sheila was fake as can be when it came to putting Natalie up on the block in Adam's place. You could tell she really tried though. She even shed a few tears. You know, I'm not sure if Sheila or Natalie is the best fake crier. Here I go again getting off topic.

The meeting was adjourned and Sheila told us in the diary room that Natalie shouldn't feel safe this week. Natalie then told us she felt safe up against Sharon because the boys want to keep Team Christ together for one more week. Ryan admitted that this is a great week for him and Adam. They now control the votes in the house and can control the game from here on out as well. You should probably wait a few more days on that one Ryan.

So what did you think about the show tonight? It was rather intense for a Tuesday show. I was really glad to see some halfway decent diary rooms tonight. We've only been waiting 60+ days for some of that action eh?

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