The Ultimate Fighter 7: Can't Fight With Cooties on Your Neck

This episode of The Ultimate Fighter 7 began with the coaches picking their teams. Rampage was given the choice of first pick or first fight. He chose first pick. The teams are as follows:

Team Rampage:

CB Dalloway

Matthew Riddle - This is the kid that had the brutal knockout last week

Paul Bradley

Dan Cramer

Gerald Harris

Mike Dolce

Jeremy May - This kid beat Rampage's best friend week one

Brandon Sene

Team Forrest:

Tim Credeur

Amir Sadollah

Matt Brown

Cale Yarbrough

Jesse Taylor

Dante Rivera

Nick Klein

Luke Zachrich

Other than Dalloway and Riddle, I was rather disappointed with Rampage's team. I was much more impressed during the fight-ins by Forrest's team. We were also introduced to the assistant coaches. I thought it was way cool that one of Forrest's assistant's was Gray Maynard. Gray is another TUF alumni, and he had a great fight on the last Ultimate Fight Night.

Soon after the teams were picked, Paul Bradley was found to have some kind of rash or something on his neck. Until the doctor and Dana decided his fate, he had to train by himself because of the "cooties on his neck" as Rampage put it. Dana delivered the bad news that it was Herpes Simplex and could be contagious. Dana couldn't allow him to continue because of the risk to the other fighters. It was really heartbreaking. Paul said he had two passions, coaching wrestling and Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fighting. He'd given up his coaching job to come on the show and now he says that he has nothing.

Dana told Rampage that he had to pick a replacement for Paul Bradley. The first fighter Rampage picked was too injured to fight, and the second one was already on Forrest's team, ha! After discussions with his assistants, he chose Patrick Schultz. Patrick lost to Luke Zachrich in the fight-in, and he didn't impress me. Dana agreed with me.

Forrest got to pick the fighters for the first fight and he chose Jesse Taylor from his team to go against Mike Dolce from Team Rampage. Both fighters are very confident and both coaches are confident in their fighters. Forrest says that Jesse might be the next Matt Hamill, which I consider to be a big compliment. He says that Jesse has tons of raw potential. Rampage says that Mike is a little bit taller than a hobbit, but he's tough.

It was a great fight for Jesse. He handily won the first round. There was lots of action and mat work. Mike started the second round strong with a few good punches, but he was stopped by a nasty rear naked choke. I think he even passed out there for a few seconds. Team Forrest is up 1-0, and he keeps control of the fight participants.

I'm looking forward to getting to know the fighters more, watching their progress, seeing them develop, and seeing them fight. Who will Forrest pick to fight on next week's episode of The Ultimate Fighter 7 and will his team win again? I can hardly wait to find out. Until then ...