4/15 Ask Big Brother Mailbag: The Viewers Speak

Posted by Ladytex

Hey y'all, this week, we'll do something a little different. We've been getting lots of comments and I'm going to air a few. I've been really entertained reading some of the views on the houseguests and how they've come across differently to different people.

Sabrina says: I Love Big Brother! Been with it since BB1 and OMG what is going on? This group is crazy, and I do mean for real. Nat will stock Matt as she is in the house now, when the show is done she will just be able to say I did it all for you Matty! I do hope CBS gets him some stalker protection!! And the good players (Chelsia, Joshy, Amanda, Alex and now James ) the one who woke the house up are gone. I sure do hope that BB10 get it back together. Hey spice it up, not all the same age it works better. And lets get back to the game, oh yeah try to find a few players who know or watched the game so they are not freaked out (lol) like Sheila.

Kathy says: Please help me figure out "why" I should continue to care for the Big Brother houseguests? This is my virgin season and for the life of me I can't, I don't get it. I've read this season is a tad slow, not as many fights and a host of other reasons why it may not be one for the record books.

I'm so totally over a few of these people that I find it hard to believe CBS would even continue to waste its own money and effort in caring! Team Christ for one is making me want to pull my fingernails OUT! The cult leader herself may indeed be the anti-Christ as "she" is the biggest liar in the house. If God is talking to Natalie, and she really believes she is the "chosen one" you have a mental patient on your hands. I'm beginning to think her abortions were for the best, as Natalie would make a horrible mother. Her 45-year-old has-been teammate is literally driving me crazy!! Shelia is a broken record, Repetition Compulsion & Mania are SERIOUS -- (make a note: Please find a new Therapist.)

I'm just disappointed because I have so many friends who LOVE this show and talked me into the live feeds. I find it painful to watch any longer. Who cares who wins at this point? I just want them to all check into the hospital when they are released for some serious rehab.

Elizabeth says: I cannot tolerate hearing Natalie, Ryan or Sheila talk anymore. I don't believe that the Lord (Christ) really cares about the winner of BB. He has bigger things to worry about in this world. I don't care enough about Sharon or Adam (although Adam is a nice guy) to continue to watch the show or live feed once James is out of the house. Let's see how many viewers stop watching the show once James is out of the house. Will BB lose money? Let's get real for a moment, the prize money is minimal compared to the loss in revenue sponsorship. I would like to see BB ask us just once (this week preferably) who we would like to stay. Similar to what BB eluded to a couple of weeks ago. Will BB do this for its viewers? That is my question. After all it's all about sponsors and ratings isn't it…?

On another note, do we really care if BB influences the game as Adam has eluded to this week? I really don't care! As far as I'm concerned, the show is designed to entertain us! If BB did influence Adam, good! The show is designed to entertain the viewers not the players. I don't care enough about the other players to spend my time watching the game play out. I can wait until the season is over to find out who wins. I'm sure I'm not alone... I believe BB will lose a good percentage of viewers and revenue when James leaves the house. Again, the show is for our pleasure and not the houseguests which is why I don't care if BB influences the game. It's television folks and all about revenue!!!

And on the other side of the table, Mlangston says: OMG!!! PLEASE! Big Brother do something, ANYTHING! If Natalie gets kicked out of the house, I won't be able to watch, anymore. I would rather watch paint dry! Adam picking his nose and privates, Sheila is so irritating and exhausting to listen to, Sharon is boring as hell, and Ryan just has one person less to make a "to the end" deal with! I'm begging!!! Please do something, "twisty"!!! Do something UNEXPECTED, keep Natalie in another week or two!!!

There were quite a few comments on wanting feeds in the Jury House, and I have to agree with them. I think they'd be great to watch. What I found interesting was the emotion in many of the comments. I've heard how boring this season was, etc., but it has certainly stirred up camps among viewers. Many say that they don't have a favorite, but they have non-favorites. Hey... kind of like me. These last two weeks are going to be wild. After Wednesday's elimination, Big Brother has only four shows to do two more eliminations, jury questioning, and pick a winner. Put on your seat belts and hang on!

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