Nicole Kidman Wants Her Kids Out of Scientology

Um, I'm not sure if I'm buying this, because seriously when is the last time you saw a picture of Nicole Kidman with her adopted children? Or read anything about them spending any time together? Long ago, I got the feeling she didn't care about them one bit.

But supposedly Nicole Kidman wants her kids out of the Church of Scientology.

According to Page Six:

Nicole Kidman , a Catholic, has limited contact with her adopted kids by Tom Cruise, Isabella and Connor, who are deeply entrenched in Scientology. At the New York premiere of Ian Halperin's film, "His Highness Hollywood," a Scientology insider told Halperin that Kidman "wants her kids out of the church." Halperin beat up on the faith in his book, "Hollywood Undercover," and said he wasn't surprised when, during the premiere, "the projector had been sabotaged."

The projector had been sabotaged? Oh, man, Hollywood is just one big Miss Pre-Teen USA competition, but with very wealthy grown-ups.

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